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MRCC 880 MIDI router, matrix patcher, and USB MIDI interface. Upgrade your MIDI studio with a MIDI router that brings instant gratification with 1 button per port routing. Just select an input to route, then select the ports to route to! MRCC 880 provides the essential features without having to navigate a computer application.  Save and Load patches, hit the Panic button if there’s a stuck note, Channel split, Clock and Transport Control (Start/Stop/Continue) filters, and MIDI monitor mode. USB powered (power supply not included), 2 meter USB cable, and dedicated power switch.

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When you need the matrix MIDI patching of a MIDI Router, or you have outgrown a MIDI thru box or 1×1 USB MIDI interface, the MRCC 880 is what you are looking for. It has just the right number of inputs and outputs for a small desktop or live jamming rig:

  • 4x 5-pin DIN inputs, plus a shared 3.5mm MIDI TRS
  • 4x 5-pin DIN outputs, plus a shared 3.5mm MIDI TRS thru
  • 4x USB MIDI virtual Inputs and Outputs

It’s killer for DAWless jamming, but of course you can use it in the studio as a USB MIDI interface for your PC, Mac, or tablet. It’s great for playing stand-alone soft synths, or connect it to your DAW and plug-in instruments. With the dedicated routing buttons, you can choose which inputs get routed to which output(s) at any time.

The dedicated per port routing buttons makes routing MIDI connections super quick! Simply select an input, then pick which outputs to route to. MIDI merging is automatic. Status and activity are displayed on per-port LED indicators. More advanced features such as Filtering, Channel Split, Panic and MIDI monitoring are configured with dedicated buttons. When your performance setup is complete, save it for recall later. All without needing a PC for configuration.

MRCC 880 is housed in a slim, beautiful, black anodized brushed aluminum enclosure with 2 color hand silkscreened interface.

Unlike the MRCC MIDI Router Control Center, the MRCC 880 is not expandable or compatible with MRCC expansion modules like the Remote 7 and XpandR. See the MRCC 880 product page for complete specifications.

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