Documents and Firmware

The NDLR User Manual – v1.4  English (May 7, 2019)

The NDLR User Manual  – v1.0 Française
Special thanks to Benoit  Ruelle for the review and translation!

Firmware Updater for The NDLR (this will take you to an external site)

When a new firmware update is available, follow the instructions at the link above for downloading and installing the firmware update utility for your PC operating system. Windows, Mac or Linux.

The latest NDLR Firmware NDLR_v1.1.020.ino.hex  (March 8, 2019)

The original The NDLR Firmware shipped with most units   v1.1.009.ino.hex.

You can check the firmware version by going to the System 3 menu.


After downloading the firmware update program above, download the latest firmware. Unzip it to your desktop or another convenient location. 

Run the Teensy loader program, click on File, then Open HEX File. Select the  .hex file you extracted above.

Click the green Auto button, then use a pen or paper clip to briefly press the recessed FW button on The NDLR. It’s between the pairs of MIDI ports. It takes about 1 second to program. The NDLR will restart once it is programmed. 

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