The NDLR, a Four Part Polyphonic Sequenced MIDI Arpeggiator, or Interval Sequencer MIDI Groove Box if you will! Get your synthesizer jam on with The NDLR!

We supply the 6′ USB cable, you supply the USB power. Any quality USB 2.0 or higher power supply will do. Or plug it in to your computer. A USB battery can power The NDLR for days!

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The NDLR (rev2), now powder coated with a black faceplate and lovely red base, and added soft-power button. The NDLR is built with 5052 aluminum, so its light and strong.

The NDLR The NDLR rev2

  • 1 PAD part, which is a polyphonic chord player. It can play as few or as many notes as you like (over 40 notes depending on the key, mode and chord). Perfect for evolving, ethereal pad type synth patches.
  • 1 Drone part, which is configurable for octave, and can play a 3rd and/or 5th note above the root. It can act as a traditional drone, keeping the note on until the part is stopped, or it can trigger on the downbeat, every other beat, etc.
  • 2 Motifs, these are sequenced arpeggiators that play from the same note pool as the other parts. There are built-in patterns and a pattern editor to make your own. There’s also a rhythm editor!
  • With the interleaved poly-chaining feature, the PAD can play up to 4 MIDI channels, interleaving the notes to 4 synths.
  • MIDI pass-thru and MIDI transposition round out our eight parts. MIDI transposition will transpose MIDI notes coming into The NDLR to the selected key and mode and send them out to your synths. You can noodle in key!

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 11 cm

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    They look great with our friend Kelly’s wood end cheeks available on Etsy! The NDLR with cheeks

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  • NDLR

    FAQs for The NDLR

    • Which Hardware Revision of The NDLR do I Have?

      There have been three notable changes to The NDLR hardware since it was released in 2018.

      The first release of The NDLRs had smooth turning (non-detended) encoders. There was a limited number of units made with a blue faceplate available to our Kickstarter backers. The majority had a black faceplate.

      The second change was NDLRs with detented (clicky) encoders, and lower pressure buttons to reduce the clickiness.

      The third change is the currently shipping as of October 2023 revision 2 The NDLR. It is easily identifiable by its red powder coated base, vs the gray/blue base of the original. The rev 2 The NDLR also has a soft-power button on the back that the original did not have.

      The rev 2 The NDLR uses a different processor, and therefor different firmware than the original.