MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center

Funded on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign has ended. Thanks to so many great contributors, we succeeded! We intend to put MRCC on another crowd funding platform shortly. Stay tuned!



Reinventing the Classic MIDI Router

Conductive Labs does it again. We set out to make the ultimate MIDI Router, and we met our funding goal on Kickstarter in only 7 days! We really appreciate the massive support and trust that we will make the best MIDI Router ever.

A fresh approach: featuring one button routing for each input and output, RGB LEDs, and OLED graphical display, everything can be easily setup without a PC. It will be the centerpiece of your studio!

Massive MIDI I/O: 11 inputs and 17 outputs, including 5 PIN DINs, 3.5MM MIDI jacks in both flavors, 4 USB host ports, and a USB client connection with 16 MIDI I/Os.  With clock source, CV clock out, filtering and MIDI effects. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for!


MRCC provides all the connectivity options you need. Shown here with USB MIDI devices (NDLR, NanoKontrol and KeyStep) being hosted on MRCC’s USB host ports, classic 5 PIN Din connections (Volca) and trendy 3.5MM TRS MIDI (Circuit, SQ-1, 0-Coast). Lose the dongles!

Merge and Route

User Centered Design

All  MIDI  cables plug  vertically  into the  top  panel which frees up valuable table space. The top panel graphics connect each button-jack pair so you know exactly which device you are routing or filtering. 

Routing MIDI paths and configuring MIDI filters is easy with the full color LEDs and the one button per input / one button per output front panel layout.

Modern Connectivity

11 inputs and 21 outputs, including 5 PIN DINs, 3.5MM MIDI jacks (in both type A andd type B flavors), 4 USB host ports, and a USB client connection with 16 MIDI I/Os. Everything you could want for connecting MIDI gear in your studio.

Advanced Functionality

 For more complex tasks use the graphical UI on the sharp color OLED display. Using the tabs and folders UI with the cursor buttons and encoder makes complex actions simple. Once the MRCC is configured, save it to memory for recall later.  All this with no confusing PC app.


The optional MRCC Remote provides a convenient, clean solution for getting MIDI ports to a remote location, such as into a 19″ rack or to your keyboard stand. The Remote is connected to MRCC with a single shielded Ethernet cable, eliminating a bundle of MIDI cables.  

Development Status

Currently in development and funding on Kickstarter. The prototype is fully functional, routing all inputs and outputs but there is still lots of work to do. The next step is getting an enclosure prototype made. It will be similar to The NDLR material, anodized 5052 aluminum. We will provide a solution for both desktop and rack mount (2U). The render above demonstrates the design aesthetic, but the enclosure will look different. We’ll share a fresh enclosure design image as soon as we can.

The image below is the EDA 3D render of the circuit boards for the prototype. It came out working great (with a couple of blue wires). Laying out the next version of the boards, which will be production formfactor, will start soon.

MRCC Prototype with laser cut acrylic cover, and the prototype MRCC Remote:

preliminary Specs


The Hardware


  • International AC/DC power supply included
    Input: 110~240V AC
    Output: 5V DC, 3A
  • USB Host ports for USB MIDI class compliant devices only
  • Other MIDI input and sound modules that meet MIDI standards,  including MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) devices are supported

Physical Layout:

  • Dims: 16” (405mm) wide  x  3.5” (90mm) deep  x
    2” (50mm) tall
  • 29 routing buttons
  • Color OLCD Screen
  • Encoder and navigation buttons

Physical Input/Output: 

  • 5x MIDI 5-Pin Inputs 
  • 2 jack selectable 3.5MM TRS  MIDI (shared with 1x 5 pin DIN)
  • 2 jack selectable 3.5MM TRS  MIDI (not shared)
  • 4x USB 2.0 Host ports (in and out)
  • 1x USB Device port for connecting to a PC or tablet. With 16 virtual MIDI I/O ports (16 channels per port = 256 channels in and 256 channels out).
  • 12x MIDI 5-Pin Outputs 
  • 4x 3.5MM TRS (2x type A and 2x type B, thru with associated 5 pin DIN)
  • 1x Clock Out 1/8th inch jack
  • 1x RJ45 for optional MRCC Remote
  • Power switch

Limited Warranty:

MRCC comes with a limited warranty of 90 days from the time you received it.


  •  I/O – 11 in x 17 out routable and filtered MIDI ports (21 output connections counting MIDI thru ports)
  •  Message filters – clock, note on/off, CC, prog change, & Stop/Start/Continue
  •  Mappings – velocity scaling, channel, & 16 PC virtual cables
  •  Tools – save/load presets (CC selecttable), MIDI routing tests for all ports and channels, & Visual MIDI monitors
  •  And more – MIDI CC control for MRCC, CV Clock Out, CC LFOs, “Light Show” mode & algorithmic MIDI note modifiers. Details to follow as development progresses.
  •  The OLED screen, navigation buttons and encoder are intended to “future proof“ the MRCC. We will monitor the MIDI 2.0 spec, and as features are adopted by the industry we wish to provide FW updates where possible.

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More to come…

  • We will update this section with details of MIDI effects and other functionality as development progresses