This is an interactive table of devices reported to work or not with the MRCC USB Host ports. Many of these reports were received in beta testing. Improvements have since been made to enhance compatibility, especially with devices that present multiple USB Device Interface Classes.

Please provide feedback on the forum with your experience using USB MIDI devices with MRCC so we can keep this table fresh and accurate.

Remember, if you are having trouble with a USB MIDI device, you can always use the 5 pin DIN (or 3.5MM TRS) if your device has one. The MRCC’s MIDI ports all have the same high performance, whether USB or traditional MIDI.

USB Device CompanyDevice NameTypeCompatibleClass CompliantNotes
AkaiForceSequencerPC port only
AkaiMPC LiveSequencerPC port onlyNeed to check after fw 122
AkaiMIDIMIXMIDI ControllerYesYes
AkaiMPK miniMIDI controllerYes
AppleiPad Pro 10.5"TabletPC Port onlyConnect with camera kit adapter to USB B port on MRCC, or MIDI interface to lighting
AppleIpad Air 2TabletPC Port OnlyConnect with camera kit adapter to USB B port on MRCC, or MIDI interface to lighting
AppleiPad otherTabletPC Port OnlyWe haven't found an iPad that doesn't work
ArturiaMatrix BruteSynthYes
ArturiaDrum BruteDrum MachineYes
ArturiaBeatStep ProMIDI controllerYes
ArturiaKeyLab49MIDI controllerYesNeeds to be powered externally before connecting
ArturiaKeyStepMIDI controllerYes
ArturiaKeyStep ProMIDI controllerYesTrips MRCC Host Port over-current protection if power brick not connected.Must be powered externally before connecting
Audio InterfaceAnyAudio interfaceNoMRCC only supports MIDI devices or Keyboards
BehringerX-Touch MiniMIDI controllerYes
BehringerPro-1SynthYes*If problems, try using the Synthtribe program to turn off the Pro-1 MIDI clock
BehringerBCR2000MIDI controlleryes*Mode U1 only so far
BehringerModel DsynthYes
CMEWIDI MasterBLE MIDI5 pin DINNot USBRequires a short MIDI, or 2.5mm extension cable for WIDI sub connector to reach input
Conductive LabsThe NDLRMIDI controllerYesYesUpdate firmware on NDLR to 1.1.074 or later.
Cre8audioNifty CaseMIDI-CVYes
Expert SleepersFH-2MIDI-CVyes