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  More than 6 layers please!
Posted by: wenewhouse - 09-30-2023, 07:10 PM - Forum: MRCC Feature Requests - No Replies

Not sure if this has been requested already...could not find any posts suggesting it. I would love to have more than 6 layers. I currently have quite a few modules and more than one controller. Ideally, I could set different layer configurations for each controller (yes I do use all six layers in one config). Maybe this is possible with the current system?

What do others think?

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  MRCC Sustain message not sent to layers
Posted by: wenewhouse - 09-30-2023, 07:06 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

Good day.

My apologies if this question has been asked before. I have a master keyboard (EX5) that I have running in to the MRCC. I have set up the MRCC routing with layers that send MIDI out to MRCC channels 2 - 6 where each physical MRCC channel layer assignment also has a specific MIDI channel. This is all working as expected. However, when I hold down the sustain pedal while playing, only the master keyboard sound is sustained. I should also point out that I have not enabled any filtering on the routing pages.

Previously, I had been controlling these modules by setting them all to the same midi channel as the master. Under this configuration, sending sustain messages worked as expected. So, it seems there must be something I have not properly set up either the layer page or the routing pages. This is a configuration that I would like to move away from so that I can control modules from tracks on an external sequencer when needed or play them layered live when needed.

Has anyone else encoutnered this issue?

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  MRCC and Sample Accurate Clock
Posted by: nicuronium - 09-27-2023, 05:03 AM - Forum: Computer MIDI Connectivity - Replies (3)

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about picking up the MRCC for MIDI routing duties in a small but expandable hybrid setup with a DAW running Live or Reaper at the centre. The MRCC would route to a variety of synths and sequencers that take MIDI clock e.g. NDLR, Beatstep Pro, Keystep Pro, OpSix, MegaFM, Matriarch, Sequential Poly etc. Ideally these would all also return their MIDI note info back to the DAW for the option to record it.

For a more reliable clock I'm keen to incorporate sample accurate clock and so have been looking to slot another unit in between the DAW and the MRCC to achieve this. I'm leaning towards the E-RM/Floatingpoint Instruments Multiclock but have also been looking at the JMK CLOCKstep:MULTI, Midronome, Expert Sleepers USAMO, and SND ACME-4. My idea is that the E-RM MC would run its up-to-four separate manually shiftable MIDI clocks to the MRCC which would then send to whatever gear needed them. The DAW would send MIDI note info to the MRCC either via the MIDI/audio interface or the E-RM MC USB then MIDI out. MIDI note info could be returned to the DAW from the various hardware units using the same path in reverse.

A few questions:
1. Does anyone have any experience using the MRCC in such a setup as above (specifically using sample accurate clock)? Can they confirm such an approach is viable and could they share any tips?
2. Any big issues with MIDI latency resulting from using the MRCC in such a way?
3. Any specific recommendations for sample accurate clock devices in conjunction with the MRCC?
4. I've just finished watching Steve's very helpful series of MRCC video tutorials. It was a shame there was not one covering setting up the MRCC with a DAW. Just wondering if anyone could direct me towards any helpful pages or videos that covers this in detail (especially Live/Reaper)?

Apologies if the above has been covered previously. I did search the forums to find some references to elements of the above but nothing to answer my specific questions in enough detail.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  Ordering NDLR and MRCC
Posted by: nicuronium - 09-27-2023, 04:29 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (2)

I'm thinking to order the NDLR along with the MRCC and some accessories.

Just wondering if I'm best placed to wait until the NDLR exits pre-order or otherwise order everything now i.e. will the MRCC etc be held until the NDLR becomes available so everything can ship together? Shipping destination is Australia.

Thanks in advance!

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  PC manager and downwind devices
Posted by: midiwall - 09-25-2023, 03:54 PM - Forum: Computer MIDI Connectivity - Replies (3)

Hey all;

I've been through the forum, and I've found other tidbits, but not this one.

My issue is that I'm trying to get machines downwind from the MRCC to show up in device lists on the PC side.

This happens with all of my devices, but for example, if I plug my MIDI Blaster straight to my PC (hub or otherwise) then I can use a PC based manager with it, and Reaper (DAW) is happy, etc. But, if I plug it into the MRCC (DIN, TRS or USB) I can't see it. 

This has to be something basic, but I can't discern which is what to make this go. Help Please?



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  Sept 2023 batch
Posted by: Blastndlr - 09-22-2023, 05:35 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (4)

Any idea when the September 2023 NDLR batch will arrive and shipped ? Cool

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  Spread to work on triads (open voicing)
Posted by: formantzero - 09-18-2023, 08:06 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - No Replies

From the manual and some experimentation it appears that pads with 4 notes or less in them (including canonical triads) will always use the 1st - 3rd - 5th scale degrees in the selected chord (e.g the 1-3-5 in I). 

In electronic music it is common to use an open voicing even for triads, where the middle note is transposed up by one octave/+12 st.  This doesn’t seem possible in any of the NDLR’s pad spread options. Can this be added please?

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  Port naming
Posted by: custa1200 - 09-05-2023, 09:06 PM - Forum: General Support - No Replies

Any chance that we can get an update that fixes the Port naming? Hasn't been any new releases for more than 6 months with some glaring issues still Sad

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  Usb midi issue with Shuttle Control from Endorphin.es
Posted by: Acnorytm - 09-03-2023, 02:43 PM - Forum: Hardware MIDI Connectivity - Replies (2)

Hello peeps

I just got a shuttle control module from endorphines.

When I connect it to usb from mrcc, everything works (gate, midi cc’s etc) except for pitch

I’ve tried filtering everything other than notes but the pitch still doesn’t translate correctly. It just plays a really low pitch regardless of what pitch is actually being sent. 

If I plug the usb straight from my push3 S.A or computer to the shuttle control everything works as it should

Are there any settings I could try on the MRCC to get this working properly?


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  MRCC Clock Divider/Multiplier
Posted by: MickG - 09-03-2023, 10:53 AM - Forum: MRCC Advanced Configuration - Replies (3)


I'm interested in manipulating MIDI clock using my MRCC, and page 38 of the MRCC manual describes this function.

My question is - does this work on external MIDI clock as well as internal?



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