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  Push 3 Clock Jitter with Aftertouch
Posted by: siliconjoe - Yesterday, 11:24 AM - Forum: Hardware MIDI Connectivity - No Replies

I am having trouble getting a clean clock out of my Push 3 through the MRCC. As best I can tell, it's due to poly aftertouch generating lag in the clock pulses.

Push 3 is hooked up to input 1 via midi din. I have the Polyend Poly on USB port A, and the rest of my hardware on the midi din outputs. I have a sequence running from the Push to my Matriarch that contains aftertouch info (the aftertouch isn't currently patched to anything. The Push is new to me, and I'm learning as I go). Whenever an aT message is sent from the Push to the Matriarch, the clock signal goes haywire across all channels. My eurorack clock (through USB) jumps from 238ish bpm to 90ish, and my delay pedal (through midi din) clock is equally as erratic.

I checked the clock pulse that's coming out of my Poly 2, and I can see that there's a delay in the signal whenever an aT message is sent. To isolate the issue to the MRCC, I routed the Push directly to the Poly 2 via midi din, and the pulse holds constant (I presume the Poly 2 is ignoring the aftertouch, but I haven't checked their docs yet). Sequences without aftertouch don't appear to have this issue.

Any thoughts on how I can improve this situation? I can certainly work around the issue, but it would be great to be able to use the Push as my master clock while utilizing poly aftertouch. Thanks!

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  NDLR as plugin for the MPC (X)
Posted by: midiavelli - 04-11-2024, 05:36 AM - Forum: Feature Requests - No Replies

would be great. also with midi input, so i can also play chords/lines into the NDLR (plugin) and then record the NDLR output on another MPC channel

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  Strange issue with prophet5 desktop
Posted by: jbader - 04-07-2024, 08:18 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

Hi I have a strange issue with prophet 5 desktop where some notes hang while playing.

The strange part is that I own both MRCC 880 and the MRCC (big version) and it is only a problem on the small 880.  I've tried simple configuration with just my yamaha YC88 connected to 1 midi in and the prophet 5 desktop connected to 1 midi out.  Everything is fine with the big mrcc but the small 880 will have notes that hang.  If take the midi cable to the 1 in and plug it into the prophet 5 (direct from yc88 out to prophet5 in) there is no problem. There is only an issue if the MRCC 880 is in between.

It isn't the yc88 that is continually sending or holding the note and I have tried other controllers using pro3 instead of yc88 and it has the same issue.  I think it is an issue specifically with the prophet 5 but I can't figure out what or why it works completely fine direct or with the big MRCC but is a problem with small MRCC 880.

Any ideas about what to try to figure out what is going on? I have good troubleshooting skills from 40 years of programming and I'm willing to try anything. Thanks!

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  Basic question about routing midi clock/run to DAW
Posted by: ws05 - 04-07-2024, 01:28 AM - Forum: Computer MIDI Connectivity - Replies (2)

Hi there,
Just got an MRCC and am starting to set it up. 
Right now, I am using an analog Rytm as my master clock, with the MIDI OUT on it routed to MIDI IN #1 on the MRCC. I have confirmed this as function with other devices.

When I tap the green button on MIDI IN 1 and then tap the blue / right button on PC, it never actually sticks. In Ableton, MRCC Port #1 is set to both sync and remote. Is there no way to send MIDI from an external device to the PC DAW? I am probably misunderstanding something very basic here, apologies for the noob question.

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  Routing inconsistencies
Posted by: Donic Dawkins - 04-04-2024, 07:41 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (3)

Been away from the MRCC for awhile - trying to add some more instruments (only have 5 connected instruments on midi outputs 1 to 5, looking to add two more).

Can't make the midi channel outputs past 5 work, puzzled.


Bitwig on a Surface tablet, direct USB connection to MRCC. Five hardware synths, routing from Bitwig works as intended - I select MRCC for synth 1, MRCC 2 for synth 2, and so on.   All good.

Trying to add a synth to midi output 6 on the MRCC and... Bitwig flashes to show midi is going out (MRCC 6 is selected) but the display on the MRCC does not show a telltale green flash on Output 6, whereas it does for the first five.

And the problem seems to be that I haven't routed any of the Midi outputs past output 5, because as can be seen in the attached pic of the MRCC screen only the first 5 outputs are gray boxes, the rest are solid blue boxes.  But I don't see how I've routed these outputs to be gray boxes and not solid blue.  My saved settings don't show anything other than Midi Out 1 as lit up....   Pic of that as well.


When I click on the Out side of the PC connection, all LEDs are lit up.

confused.... is this user routing error or strange behaviour?


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  KORG SQ-1 connected to USB host doesn't get clock signal
Posted by: TakeCareOfMyMidi - 04-01-2024, 04:50 AM - Forum: Hardware MIDI Connectivity - Replies (5)

Hello again,

i connected the KORG SQ-1 via usb host and it doesn't recieve any clock or start/stop signals.
I tried MRCC's clock generator and external clock via midi.

Help please =)

Best regards,

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  MRCC Freezes when KS37 is connected via USB
Posted by: TakeCareOfMyMidi - 03-31-2024, 02:00 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (8)

Hey guys,

i recieved my MRCC today and it's such a wonderful machine, thanks for creating such an useful device =)

However i'm facing a problem:

I'm using a Squarp Pyramid which is connected via USB to the MRCC as a main sequencer.
I have two Keystep37's which are connected via USB to the MRCC as midi controllers. 
Midi In of each one (sync and start/stop filtered) is going into the Pyramid, Pyramid's midi out is going into the Keystep37's for tempo sync and start/stop (notes, cc and program change are filtered) and also unfiltered to my synths ofc.
The MRCC is always freezing after a while of playing with the KS37's. The issue can be reproduced very easily. Just use the arp on hold on the KS37 and let it play for a while.

Things i've tried:
- Upgrading the FW on the MRCC -> same
- Upgrading the FW on both KS37's -> same
- Using only one KS37 instead of two -> same
- Powering the KS37's with a dedicated power supply instead of power over usb from the MRCC -> same
- Playing around with midi filtering settings -> same
- Connecting the Pyramid via midi -> same
- Connecting the KS37's via midi -> solves the issue, rock stable for ~30mins of flooding midi into my synths via both arps and recorded stuff from the pyramid directly.

It seems like there is a bug or sth like that.
The problem is i really need all the midi inputs (quite large setup) and don't want to buy/use an extra device. A big reason for my purchase were the 4 usb inputs.

If you need further testing, just tell me, i'm happy to help to solve the issue. =)
I'm based in germany, regarding the time zone.

I hope you can reproduce the issue and can fix it.

Best wishes,

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  Is the MRCC ideal for those who use DAW as main controller?
Posted by: fellcrow - 03-22-2024, 08:50 PM - Forum: Computer MIDI Connectivity - Replies (2)

I just got this and it's pretty easy to figure out hardware connections with an external keyboard sequencer, but I mainly use my DAW to control my hardware and that's been harder for me to figure out. PC -> MIDI DIN out connections works fine, but can I also use my PC to control the devices connected via USB? And what if I want to use a MIDI editor like MIDI Quest? MIDI Quest doesn't seem to be able to extract patches from synths connected either by USB or DIN IN/OUT. 

And unfortunately NONE of the videos cover what I assume would be this huge use case.

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  two computers at once
Posted by: Keykent - 03-22-2024, 03:29 PM - Forum: Computer MIDI Connectivity - No Replies

Is this possible?   
I have 1 computer for my DAW connected to the pc port of the mrcc and I have a separate laptop running soft synths.  I have an osmose 
with a usb midi port that I want to send midi data to both the DAW (on the PC port) and to the soft synth on the laptop.   I am using mpe
so do not want to use Dins for this.   Connecting a usb port from the laptop to a usb port on the mrcc, the mrcc does not recognize it.  
Anyway to make this work?

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  Accent MOD feature
Posted by: User - 03-16-2024, 04:32 AM - Forum: MRCC Feature Requests - Replies (2)

Some synths like TD-3, T-8 (303 alternatives) have midi controlled "accent". If you press a key between, for example, velocity 1-100, the sound will play normally, but if the velocity is in the range 101-127, an additional effect will be added to the sound. Accent can be turned on/off in the synthesizer. So you can have a nice accent based not only on velovity, but also on an additional sound parameter.
It would be great to have a similar option via MRCC as a new MOD Smile

The mod could look like this:
Velocity range for normal sound: 1-100
Velocity accent range: 101-127
Accent CC #15 (for example distortion, sent to synth)
CC Accent Range: 30-70 (will set the distortion in the range of 30-70 when the velocity is in the range of 101-127)
Accent level: 0-100 (at 0 the accent will be turned off, at 100 it will be the full CC accent range 30-70)
Accent CC number coming through midi (CH as CH input) and CC: 50
With this mod you can add an accent to any synthesizer, with any parameter.

... and it is here as a MOD proposal, but it seems that some of the functionality can also be made MOD, for CC modificator, however accent level can't be set.

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