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  Polyphonic Aftertouch blocked?
Posted by: mumari - 01-18-2022, 02:02 AM - Forum: Hardware MIDI Connectivity - No Replies

Can someone be so kind and answer me if polyphonic aftertouch (genereated from Hydrasynth or Microfreak e.g.) is getting blocked (filtered out) as it is still in the NDLR?

First I wanted to buy the MRCC as an addition to my NDLR - but as the poly aftertouch problem still exists in the NDLR I am thinking about selling my NDLR...

Thanks in advance.

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  the name
Posted by: gridsleep - 01-12-2022, 11:07 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

What, exactly, does NDLR stand for?

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  MRCC - USB Connections
Posted by: maestro14 - 01-11-2022, 10:35 PM - Forum: Hardware MIDI Connectivity - Replies (1)

Hey everyone, I can't get my poly D to play nicely with my mrcc when connecting via usb. All proper settings were handled in the synthtribe plugin, but when I press play it just starts the sequencer and carries one note until I stop, sometimes overloading my mrcc. Have all my other ins connected via midi cables. For some reason having issues even connecting my keystep pro via usb to ableton. Any insight would be greatly appreciated I think it might just be my misunderstanding of the routing.

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  Execute on Preset Load
Posted by: groakes - 01-11-2022, 06:30 PM - Forum: MRCC Feature Requests - No Replies

It would be really cool if there was a way to have a set of instructions transmit on loading a preset. I'm thinking Bank/Program Changes but they could also be CCs. This would be great in a live situation where you could have a preset for each song. When you load the preset it would send out program change commands to all the devices in you attached system.


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  Save Midi channels
Posted by: xeamus - 01-10-2022, 02:25 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (4)

I use Deluge to sequence Alpha Base. Problem is that Alpha Base use Midi channel 1-11 and 16. Only 4 channels left for sequence other synths. Is it possible to use MRCC to pass forward only channel 16 to Deluge so I can use channel 1-15 for sequence other synths?


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  Naming of save locations
Posted by: Stratblue - 01-10-2022, 10:13 AM - Forum: MRCC Feature Requests - Replies (1)

Rather than User 1 etc, it would be nice if each save could be given a descriptive name with a keyboard.

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  MRCC prog change issue
Posted by: Stratblue - 01-09-2022, 01:38 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (3)

Hi there.

I have set the MRCC to receive prog changes on channel 16 input 1 but it seems to respond to all channels.

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  sixth noodle DO U WANT 2 DANCE
Posted by: noodleeater - 01-09-2022, 12:14 PM - Forum: Show me what you got! - No Replies

all one live session no edits. very very silly


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  Midi channel routing question
Posted by: Skaht30h5 - 01-09-2022, 11:30 AM - Forum: Hardware MIDI Connectivity - Replies (6)

Please forgive this noobish post, but I am having trouble accomplishing something that seems super basic.  I’d like to use my Octatrack as a midi Sequencer for a variety of synths connected via midi, all routed through the MRCC.  I’d like to sequence 8 different synths from my Octatrack with each synth corresponding with channels 1-8 on the OT’s midi out, but have the midi messages be received (on those other synths) as though they originated from channel 1 in each instance.  

For example, midi channel 5 on the OT is destined for a Matrix 6, I send a sequence of notes over midi channel 5 to the MRCC (from the OT) and it routes the data to the M6 using midi out port 5 but the M6 thinks it is coming from channel 1 and not 5.  

I have not been able to successfully configure my MRCC to do this despite having the manual open in front of me, googling, and searching the forum.  I am not positive if this is midi channel mapping issue or if I should be filtering messages per port or what?  Thanks so much!  

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  Channel Map: Input Channel "none" missing
Posted by: hires - 01-08-2022, 11:41 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

Hi Forum!

In the manual on page 29 in the chapter "Channel Map Sub-Page" in the section "Channel In 1-4" it is mentioned that as incoming channel besides the mandatory 16 MIDI channels also "none" can be selected.

Unfortunately the manual seems to be ahead of the current firmware version. On my MRCC with version 1.1.037 this selection option is apparently not available or I am unable to find it.

But since I would actually use this option all the time, I wonder when this function will be delivered?


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