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  NDRL I And II dregees in action!
Posted by: Alphacentaury - 4 hours ago - Forum: Show me what you got! - No Replies


Nyx in motif 1
prophet with my hands
Drumbrute impact


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  Simmons Drum VST
Posted by: Goon - Yesterday, 03:54 AM - Forum: Synths and Gear News, Discussion - No Replies

I had this as a 32bit version, but since moving to 64bit a couple years ago, I couldnt use it, but Aly James has released V2 of VSDSX with 64bit support PC & Mac, finally get that Simmons sound in my music again Smile


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  New member of my synth family
Posted by: Darryl - 04-20-2019, 05:15 PM - Forum: Synths and Gear News, Discussion - No Replies

In my growing collection of neglected synths, I just scored a deal on a DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard (PEK). I already have a MEK and desktop Evolver, so I guess I'll have to try poly-chaining them, or better, I can use The NDLR's interleaved polychain to play different patches on them from the PAD part. But first, this Poly Evolver has the infamous bad encoders so I have to send the boards to DSI for repair. It might have some other issues but its hard to tell with the encoders being so flakey. While I have it apart, first thing I need to check is the MOD wheel, its not working at all. Tried the calibration process and still no luck.

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  Play chords when everything stopped
Posted by: oldgearguy - 04-19-2019, 07:53 AM - Forum: Feature Requests - No Replies

Question -- is there a way that the NDLR can just play the chord triggered by the front panel buttons?
It would be when all 4 parts are stopped.

It's useful (to me) to be able to hear some manual chord progressions before I play/record/sequence them.  I have been using the Pad with trigger set to None, but obviously the pad is designed to sustain and I'd like to be able to press and hold and then release the button(s) to hear how it sounds on a synth and maybe adjust the synth params, etc as I'm messing around.


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  what synths to get for a new ndlr?
Posted by: MrPipes - 04-18-2019, 02:52 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (6)

Hi...I will be ordering a ndlr soon

I am a singer (baritone and deeep bass) and player of various acoustic instruments. But I never learnt to read music

My skills are in toplining...if I have a nice melodic/rhythmic groove I love to create a melody and a vocal and then lyrics

I have always found hardware stompbox loopers to be my best partner to make new songs and have fun. I am adhd and oddly resistant to software...preferring to stomp or press a button or two every so often and then go to my happy creative place 

You can see why I am hoping the ndlr might be my friend - although I do recognise I will need to engage with the software element of it!

I am hoping to have a set up where a drone note is complimented by me changing the chordy loveliness as I work out where the song could go...and possibly leading to performing long ambient (actually I think that may not be the best word) sets live

But I am not in that demographic of “you already have loads of synths”

I do have a Protools studio and a midi keyboard..and an ipad or two

So...there is lots of potential there and I am interested in recommendations for software synths - thank you

And I’d also like to know what hardware synths you’d recommend 

And perhaps especially ones that are super simple for non keyboardists...maybe usb or battery powered would maximise ndling pleasure? Or should I start with ipads and see how it goes?

As always I am assuming that start small and cheap is the wisest option

Thank you for any help and advice you can offer

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  Relationship of global velocity settings to rhythm velocity
Posted by: synthdad - 04-18-2019, 02:49 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

Hi everyone,

Diving in deeper on my NDLR I'm trying to understand how MIDI note velocities are generated for the motifs. I was driving my Deluge synths from the NDLR and the Deluge was clipping the output hard for motifs even though I set the global MIDI velocity to 50 in settings. When I looked at the output in MIDI Monitor I saw that the note velocity was still 127 on all MIDI notes from the NDLR. I had to hand edit each step in a rhythm to make the NDLR change the MIDI velocities (which was a bit painful given the sensitivity on the knobs).

Is there a relationship between global and per-rhythm note velocities? Does one take priority over the other? Do they multiply each other?

This is on the 1.1.029 beta firmware.


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  Cross Brand Chaotic NDLR Jam by Gaz Williams
Posted by: Dr.Noize - 04-17-2019, 05:29 AM - Forum: Show me what you got! - No Replies

I didn't saw it here so watch:

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  Buzzzy! A little companion for the NDLR ?
Posted by: Noize - 04-15-2019, 04:06 AM - Forum: Synths and Gear News, Discussion - Replies (2)


I hope you won't mind a little shameless announcement for something that may be a good mate for your speechless NDLR.
Buzzzy! is the project of a friend of mine.
It is a 16 voice / 4 part digital USB & MIDI module with 4 synthesis engines and quality built-in effects.

Full info on the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/130...-polysynth

The campaign just started and received a good feedback 'till now but if you can spread the word ... I think this is the compact setup I was looking for: A ndlr and a small poly module USB powered. a nice suitcase combo. and for a correct price.

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  Tip: sending 4 USB channels to one synth multiplies clock rate
Posted by: synthdad - 04-13-2019, 03:13 AM - Forum: MIDI Connectivity - No Replies


I was testing my NDLR with the Elektron Digitone, and initially set each part to play on a separate USB MIDI channel corresponding to each of the 4 tracks on the Digitone (e.g. Pad = MIDI Ch 1 USB1, Drone = MIDI Ch2, USB2). While this worked for sequencing from the NDLR every time I added a channel the clock on the Digitone was multiplied - each USB channel was sending a clock and all the clock pulses got added together on the Digitone. I ended up with a beat of 360bpm on the Digitone which was...fun!

This was easily fixed by setting each part to the same USB port, but on different MIDI channels so only one clock pulse was sent to the Digitone. Just a tip if anyone else sees this happen...

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  Just got my NDLR - here's the result of 10 minutes of noodling!
Posted by: synthdad - 04-11-2019, 07:48 AM - Forum: Show me what you got! - Replies (2)

Plugged in a MIDI cable and a power cable and within 10 minutes I had made a very sweet ambient track. Amazed at how fast I was productive the NDLR out-of-the-box. I'm going to be doing more videos as I explore its features and integrate it into my studio.


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