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Remote port labels
How do I assign a label to a remote port? I have the remote 7 box and I can setup routings. Each routing has a port name like r2 but the label is none. I can’t figure out how to set this label.
I'll take a look and see if I can figure that out. Hold tight!

I'm looking at this and I'm not 100% sure that there is a way to do this implemented at this point. If I try to scroll to a destination past the last PC port it just loops back to the beginning. When Steve's back I can ask him, but it may be that he just chose to not have that option because the label data isn't passed via the connection and labeling it could create a situation where the label data is inaccurate between setups. I'll report back if I get anything useful.
The mrcc never leaves my studio and the cabling doesn’t change much. Almost 1/3 of my synths are connected to the remote box and these cannot be labeled. This seems like an unexpected user experience.
FWIW, this is important to me too. I also very rarely change cabling so would be very nice to label remote ports.
Yes, this is quite a frustrating limitation. Are there plans to fix?
I would also love to see labeling for devices connected via the Remote7.
+1 for me too
Our team is taking a look to see how difficult this would be to implement, we appreciate the feedback and will let you know if we make any progress in this direction.

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