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USB compatible (or not) devices list
Keith McMillen - SoftStep (first version - but it's mean second one should work too) - Class-compliant, working (checked).
Norand Mono synth / sequencer module confirmed working via USB in and out, including after an MRCC power cycle.
did anyone get a Moog One to work via USB?
I believe I had a user who said Moog One does not work via USB.
Indeed, it was on the list. It works via USB on the iConnectivity MioXL though.
(08-07-2021, 07:23 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote:
(08-06-2021, 10:46 PM)Dark Waves Wrote: Perhaps it would be helpful to collect user reports here, in one place, on successes, or failures, connecting MIDI devices via USB, to supplement the official list MRCC USB Host Compatibility Tracker | Conductive Labs LLC and these data could be used to update that page.

If anyone wants to add or confirm devices as communicating or not, please do.  I'll add more as I try things out; so far just one that I'm sure about:

Novation 61SL Mk3, keyboard / controller / sequencer: working on tracks that have USB optionally selected as the MIDI port.  So far only tested as a source.  There is also a 49SL Mk3 which is evidently identical except for the number of keys, so presumably the results would be the same.

Great idea, I appreciate you taking the initiative. Here is what I've got on my running list of devices to add updates for currently:
MRCC Compatibility updates:
PREENFM2, FM3, Launchpad pro MKIII, 61SL MK3,
Summit, Peak

Working with issues
CIRCUIT TRACKS, RHYTHM,(these two do have an issue as they send SYSEX all the time and can interfere with note messages in some cases).

Sensel Morph - may cause problems if connected during boot, works great after MRCC is booted up (still need confirmation). 

Jesse Johannesen

Hi Jesse,

How did you setup your Launchpad Pro to make it work?

I have a Launchpad Pro connected to the mrcc with the originalusb cable. I have routed the launchpad to the pc back and forth but I am not able to make it work with Ampify Studio.

When I connect the launch Pro in Ampify Studio I can connect MRCc up to #12 to the input and output decive. Somehow the light will not show up the same way as I can connect the Launchpad directly to my pc.

Any step by step help would be appreciated.
So the Launchpad was reported to me to be working, but it wasn't something I have had working in front of me if you get my meaning. While I can't speak to what the user did to set up the test, I can make a suggestion as to how I would approach things:
1) I would connect the PC port to the computer via USB.
2) I would connect the LPP MKIII via USB host port (lets say A).
3) Next would be setting up the PC App to be listening on a virtual port output (lets say 1).
4) Then I would make a routing between USB A and Virtual Port 1 by pressing (and releasing) the left button of Port A and then pressing and holding the right button of the PC Port and pressing the button under DIN Out Port 1.
At this point if you use the encoder to page over to the routing page for that routing you should be able to see any MIDI notes sent to the computer show up here as traffic notifications. If you do not see these we have done something wrong.

What is probably pretty important to note is that if the device has any non-MIDI functionality that requires a direct USB connection to interact with (editors or what have you) that will not be possible through the MRCC as the MRCC is only a MIDI host, not a USB hub, so those types of uses will still require a direct connection, but as long as the data I was given by a user is accurate we should be able to send MIDI without issue. Hit me up at if you need more help with this and I'll see what I can do.
Not seen in the database but tested today

Modor NF-1 YES
Moog Matriarch YES

Sequential Take 5 NO
Majella Implexus NO and also seems to prevent MRCC from booting when connected by USB
(02-06-2022, 07:17 PM)lloydcole Wrote: Not seen in the database but tested today

Modor NF-1 YES
Moog Matriarch YES

Sequential Take 5 NO
Majella Implexus NO and also seems to prevent MRCC from booting when connected by USB

If the Implexus is using USB for power as well as communications, that could be the issue there.
My suggestion would be to power it separately and see if it still has USB connection problems.
Thanks, I've made note of these in my list of devices to add to the database

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