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NDLR batch 3A
Hi there !

Just wanted to check on the status of NDLR batch 3A. I bought in and can’t wait to get my unit. Is everything on schedule for a delivery in April as announced ? Let’s hope the bug doesn’t get us into trouble  Big Grin

Any updates ?
(03-03-2020, 04:40 AM)Jice01 Wrote: Any updates ?
I'll check with the guys and et you know.
The short answer is, we lost all of our buffer due to the extra long Spring Festival in China. Most people are probably aware that there is a world wide parts supply issue now. However, despite the ongoing epidemic, our manufacturing rep is getting samples and quotes, things seem to be starting up again this past week. Parts are on order, so if the suppliers are supplying we should still be pretty close to end of April to see new units start to show up.

We'll post updates on Indiegogo for everyone when we have more news.
I thank you, Darryl, for the update on Indiegogo !! I can't wait too.
Thanks for this update...Waiting for my batch to be processed.... Smile

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