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Usb and latency ableton
Hey Guys and Girls,

As of yesterday also a NDLR,
hooked the thing up, setting the ins and out in d the pref menu inside ableton and started jamming, great !! 
external sync inside the NDLR en its starts and stops with the transport from ableton. 

But when playing and recording the midi there a lag, or latancy ...any idea how to prevent this, i allready tried to change it in the prefs menu but no luck..

thxs in advance
Hey Rob, Let's see what we can do to help you find a solution. First things first! I need more info.
can you give me a very specific run down of what you were attempting to do as in:
a. noodler connected via usb controlling such and such plugin
b. set each midi track to record to midi
c. with ableton as master clock hit record and play (mentioned external sync already)
d. the notes are all one eighth note off.
give as many steps as you can, cause one of those might be the thing that stands out as the issue.

1. I know you mentioned hooking it to ableton, it sounds like you're connected via usb is that the case? (edit:just re-read the subject line, got this one.)
2. It would also be helpful to know, have you used other midi devices with ableton before? Do you have one you can hook up to test the latency?
3. is there an audio interface? ASIO? I know I used to get a lot of latency playing midi back in the day without an ASIO driver for my interface.

Any other NDLRs here using Ableton care to chime in on this?

Let's start with that and hopefully we can get this sorted.

-->It seems to be a generell problem of Ableton. I have same issues with all external gear, when I want to record MIDI from internal sequencers or arpeggiators of ext. hardware.
The Ableton support knows about these issues for years. But no solution up to now... :-(


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