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Routing inconsistencies
Been away from the MRCC for awhile - trying to add some more instruments (only have 5 connected instruments on midi outputs 1 to 5, looking to add two more).

Can't make the midi channel outputs past 5 work, puzzled.


Bitwig on a Surface tablet, direct USB connection to MRCC. Five hardware synths, routing from Bitwig works as intended - I select MRCC for synth 1, MRCC 2 for synth 2, and so on.   All good.

Trying to add a synth to midi output 6 on the MRCC and... Bitwig flashes to show midi is going out (MRCC 6 is selected) but the display on the MRCC does not show a telltale green flash on Output 6, whereas it does for the first five.

And the problem seems to be that I haven't routed any of the Midi outputs past output 5, because as can be seen in the attached pic of the MRCC screen only the first 5 outputs are gray boxes, the rest are solid blue boxes.  But I don't see how I've routed these outputs to be gray boxes and not solid blue.  My saved settings don't show anything other than Midi Out 1 as lit up....   Pic of that as well.


When I click on the Out side of the PC connection, all LEDs are lit up.

confused.... is this user routing error or strange behaviour?

I figured it out...

Press left button of the PC USB port. Then Press button 1 of Midi OUT. Then, hold down the left button of the PC USB port and press button 1 of the Midi Out. Do this for all the Midi out ports and they'll all be matched.

While I'm glad it's working, I don't feel like there was any page in the manual that told me to do this...

Anyway, it's a good device!
I may not have the latest version of the manual, but in V1.1.020, pages 16 and 17 graphically show the same thing you discovered. There's more detailed text describing this on page 14.
@Donic Yes, this is the "one big thing" that is hard to wrap your head around with the MRCC as you get to using it. The PC device ports are completely independent of the inputs and outputs on the panel. You can line them up 1 to 1, as you have, or you can swap them around as needed, and any input can go to multiple outputs so you could send PC 2 in to DIN out 1, 2, and 3 as well as PC 5 in (like if you wanted to send it to a software MIDI monitor or something like that). The only thing is that they're not initially routed anywhere, so you have to decide how you want to use it and tell it before it will do anything.

Next thing to remember is that for any of the USB Ports the process is A) select a "Source" port to route from: Press and hold the left button and press one of the DIN Out buttons to pick the source to rout from and release all buttons, then B) select the "Destination" port: For DIN outs, simply press the button of the DIN port you want to route to, or for a USB host port target, press the right button of any host port A-D, (No need to press and hold, as the host ports only have one output port), or for the PC port outs, press and hold the right PC button and select one of the lit up DIN out buttons to pick a PC output destination.

Not incredibly simple, but once you wrap your head around it, you're not likely to forget.

@Kris I think that is the most recent manual.

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