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Accent MOD feature
Some synths like TD-3, T-8 (303 alternatives) have midi controlled "accent". If you press a key between, for example, velocity 1-100, the sound will play normally, but if the velocity is in the range 101-127, an additional effect will be added to the sound. Accent can be turned on/off in the synthesizer. So you can have a nice accent based not only on velovity, but also on an additional sound parameter.
It would be great to have a similar option via MRCC as a new MOD Smile

The mod could look like this:
Velocity range for normal sound: 1-100
Velocity accent range: 101-127
Accent CC #15 (for example distortion, sent to synth)
CC Accent Range: 30-70 (will set the distortion in the range of 30-70 when the velocity is in the range of 101-127)
Accent level: 0-100 (at 0 the accent will be turned off, at 100 it will be the full CC accent range 30-70)
Accent CC number coming through midi (CH as CH input) and CC: 50
With this mod you can add an accent to any synthesizer, with any parameter.

... and it is here as a MOD proposal, but it seems that some of the functionality can also be made MOD, for CC modificator, however accent level can't be set.
Seems like the easy way to do this would be to have a velocity to cc converter with an adjustable curve. I like the idea, seems fun. I'll pass that along to the team, but of course I can't guarantee whether we will see it come to the MRCC. Thank you for suggesting it!
Oh, snap. We already did this. I think there is a feature in the CC scale Mod that can take velocity or aftertouch and map it to a CC. We added that for use with the Volca FM if I remember correctly. I will see if I can put together a step by step, but it should also be in the manual. I'll give it a shot and see if the scaling will work as you requested above, and let you know what I find.

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