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Accent MOD feature - User - 03-16-2024

Some synths like TD-3, T-8 (303 alternatives) have midi controlled "accent". If you press a key between, for example, velocity 1-100, the sound will play normally, but if the velocity is in the range 101-127, an additional effect will be added to the sound. Accent can be turned on/off in the synthesizer. So you can have a nice accent based not only on velovity, but also on an additional sound parameter.
It would be great to have a similar option via MRCC as a new MOD Smile

The mod could look like this:
Velocity range for normal sound: 1-100
Velocity accent range: 101-127
Accent CC #15 (for example distortion, sent to synth)
CC Accent Range: 30-70 (will set the distortion in the range of 30-70 when the velocity is in the range of 101-127)
Accent level: 0-100 (at 0 the accent will be turned off, at 100 it will be the full CC accent range 30-70)
Accent CC number coming through midi (CH as CH input) and CC: 50
With this mod you can add an accent to any synthesizer, with any parameter.

... and it is here as a MOD proposal, but it seems that some of the functionality can also be made MOD, for CC modificator, however accent level can't be set.

RE: Accent MOD feature - Jesse Johannesen - 03-26-2024

Seems like the easy way to do this would be to have a velocity to cc converter with an adjustable curve. I like the idea, seems fun. I'll pass that along to the team, but of course I can't guarantee whether we will see it come to the MRCC. Thank you for suggesting it!

RE: Accent MOD feature - Jesse Johannesen - 03-26-2024

Oh, snap. We already did this. I think there is a feature in the CC scale Mod that can take velocity or aftertouch and map it to a CC. We added that for use with the Volca FM if I remember correctly. I will see if I can put together a step by step, but it should also be in the manual. I'll give it a shot and see if the scaling will work as you requested above, and let you know what I find.