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Torso T1: MIDI Clock sync problem with USB MIDI
Oh how annoying, but it's really no surprise as none of the other Elektron boxes are compatible with the MRCC via USB port. I'm actually a little surprised that it works at all. We're going to be looking into this issue in the future and working to make more devices compatible but for now you will probably need to use the DIN port if you want to ensure proper sync behavior. Here's a link to the compatibility tracker for reference:

If you want to do some debugging, you can you use the built in MIDI monitor to check what data is being routed? To do this effectively you'll want to set things up so that the only thing sending MIDI is the Syntakt, and it's only sending to the torso, then turn the tempo down very low on the syntakt. In the monitor tool, you'll need to "unpause" the activity monitor to get things rolling. If you press play on the Syntakt, it should show a single event labeled with a number and followed by RT (for real time, as in start stop continue messages) and maybe something after on the same line. If there are multiple RT events coming up in the monitor then that would indicate the MRCC is passing extra Play messages maybe, but it seems unlikely.

I don't think clock messages show up in the monitor, but they do show up as red triangles in the routing page when no other MIDI data is being sent, however there is no way in the device to get a count of how many are being sent.

I would recommend using a MIDI monitor like MIDI Ox for the PC, or if you're on a Mac you'll have to do a google search to see what the best option is, but once you open it you can monitor the output of the MRCC and see if there is any difference between the output of the Syntakt when connected via USB, or 5pin DIN when routed to the PC port. If there's something different coming out then we can try and figure out why.

Other than that I would say try connecting it via DIN ports and it should work perfectly.

If you want to talk through the process you can send me an email at and we can set up a zoom chat.


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