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Any mioXL users out there?
Hi everyone,

First time poster.

I'm looking to beef up my synth setup; I have an ageing Midisport 8x8 which has very limited programmability and want to replace it.

After some internal debate, I've decided to not go down the THRU box / MERGE box path and rather go for something more robust.

My last two choices are a toss up between the MRCC and mioXL. The price difference is negligible.

Does anyone here have experience with the mioXL and can comment on it in relation to the MRCC? For example, a huge plus for the MRCC is that I can initiate manual routes from the buttons; I don't think I can do that with the mioXL.


Hi Nick. I can't really compare the MRCC and MIO XL as I only have the MRCC, and my opinion may be biased as I work for Conductive Labs, ( in fact I planned on letting someone else chime in, but no takers). I think your assessment is pretty accurate it largely comes down to programming convenience. I haven't had any experience programming the MIO but from my understanding it is done in a sort of spreadsheet, while routing on the MRCC is done by selecting a source and then selecting all of the targets you want it sent to. There are deeper routing possibilities available, but none of it can be configured on the computer, it is all done on the device, and for the most part I found things were straight forward enough to do without reading the manual with a few exceptions.

Both devices offer USB host ports, and I can't speak to the device compatibility for the MIO, but USB MIDI itself is a bit of a challenge, with devices primarily designed to work with PCs and it's not uncommon to find out that a device that you expect to work will not either because it is not a Class Compliant MIDI device, and requires a driver from the manufacturer to work, or perhaps some small implementation choice that causes issues during device enumeration, (when it's getting it's nametag at startup internally). It's hard to give a precise number, but I estimate that I've seen somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 percent success with my own USB testing. The good news is that for most of the devices which are non compliant, they still have DIN MIDI ports as well and you can just use those to route them. We will continue to put effort into expanding the field of compatible devices going forward, but in the mean time we have a tracker which lists the devices that we (or our beta testers) have tested and the results of those tests, this can be found here:

If there is any further questions you would like answers to, please don't hesitate to ask, either here, or via email at


Thank you so much for your reply. I'll order one today Smile


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