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AKA Force not receiving MIDI via MRCC USB host port
When connecting AKAI force to a USB port on MRCC, the Force does not receive MIDI from either a MIDI IN or from another USB on the MRCC (tried using Keystep, Korg Microstation, NDLR, and Isla KordBot as controllers).

Switching the AKAI Force to a 1/8 MIDI A out on the MRCC results in the Force receiving MIDI from all devices fine, as expected.

Note: When connecting via MRCC, USB controllers do not appear in the list of device choices on the Force MIDI USB configuration settings page. Alternately, when a USB controller is connected directly to the Force, it *does* show up in the menu as an input choice.
For the benefit of others, here is my support reply:

"This matches what we've seen from our beta testers, and as far as I know the only way that the Force's USB works with the MRCC is as the MIDI host, so if you connect it via the PC USB port you should see all 12 ins and outs listed on the FORCE. The USB host ports on the MRCC are meant to be used with devices that are MIDI class compliant and I'm pretty sure that is not the case with the force. The 1/8 in midi jacks work great though if you don't need all 12 virtual ins and outs for the Force.



"Here is the link to our public compatibility tracker. It shows which devices we know to work and which have been shown to have issues.

AKAI Force is listed as *PC port only* (version unlisted).

Cheers, all!

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