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Clock Manipulation
Hello, new noodler here. Query about the 1/8 clk setup:

If I clk out to a Rucci Clock Manipulator and then return its output to clk in, what’s gonna happen?

Manual says:

“Clock In” must be enabled in the Settings 3 menu. It must be set for “ClkIn CV”. Once this is set The NDLR uses the input pulse signal as it’s internal “heart beat”.

But the Rucci gear uses the clk out as it’s source material, so I’m guessing it wouldn’t works as intended?

Thoughts, criticisms, jokes all very welcome!

Yeah, I believe you are correct. The NDLR will not even output a clock unless it's receiving a clock at the input (if it's set to external), so it would just sit there forever.
Yes! A substantially more succinct explanation. Cheers!

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