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ACME-4 midi clock
Sorry, no, I should've been more clear.
The Acme has 4 midi din out, and takes midi input over its USB. So I would like to be able to route controllers/sequencers to devices connected to the acme. When I used to do that with the iconnectivity (having the acme connect to it via usb) I was able to route midi to each of the acmes four outputs. The mrcc seems to lack this possibility...
Ah, that makes more sense. The USB host ports can only send out 1 port of data, while they can receive 4, so you are correct, the MRCC does lack that possibility.
So, to get back to my question, you mentioned that it is already a feature request, are there plans to implement multiple virtual outs on USB host outs?
No, I do not believe so. Not at this time anyway. I believe that would require a complete rewrite of the architecture of the device, which is not likely to happen anytime soon.
ah, that's too bad... thanks for the heads up.

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