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Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB
To see what MIDI messages are coming in from the Pyramid, select its input on MRCC so it lights green. If its on USB MIDI host port A, select the left A button. Turn the encoder to the ROUTING screen. Play something on the Pyramid and you should see the MIDI messages appearing on the routing screen. Let us know if you are seeing any MIDI messages there.

The green indicator on the USB host port is a good sign that the USB hub chip thinks there's something there that needs a USB data connection, and not just a device wanting power. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that MRCC can successfully enumerate the device, as we don't have direct control over that indicator. The best way to see if its working is monitoring the input or routing to something to see if it plays.

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RE: Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB - by Darryl - 07-26-2021, 10:40 AM

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