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Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB
Ah... this is interesting - or at least it might be...

I'm scratching my head with the USB connectivity from a Squarp Pyramid - which the CL compatibility list approves of - and which is fairly comparable to the Hermod (I think).  And my MRCC (v1.0.147) apparently recognises the Pyramid (v3.23) by displaying a green LED at the host port.

5 pin MIDI is working like it should, and I see the red arrows in the MRCC Activity screen indicating that clock is being sent by the Pyramid, and also displays that MIDI events are being received by the relevant device.

However, I do not see any similar indication that the USB MIDI is sending clock, or any other events - despite enabling all USB settings on the Pyramid, and confirming in the Pyramid info screen that clock and other MIDI events are being sent via USB. If you're sending clock via USB from the Hermod - do you see the arrow and other events on the MRCC Activity page by any chance?

Following the MRCC manual I can select the Pyramid USB port on the MRCC, select the relevant virtual cable, and select the (out) destination but I am yet to successfully make any connection from the Pyramid via USB.

I have hooked up the Pyramid directly to the PC and can successfully control VST instruments over USB in Cubase. Clearly then Pyramid is sending ok, and the cable is working.

I even swapped out the cable in a rather desperate and illogical move - but the MRCC just doesn't seem to be receiving MIDI over USB from the Pyramid.

I'm confused - I do hope this is user error, a setting thing maybe - if you/anyone can shine any light here it would be appreciated.

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RE: Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB - by Spares - 07-25-2021, 12:35 PM

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