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Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB
My MRCC arrived yesterday and I started re-wiring my studio bit by bit. I can report that the Hermod Eurorack sequencer by Squarp Instruments works very well. 

So far I have tested sequencing several synths using normal MIDI on the MRCC. I connected the Hermod USB device port to port one of the MRCC USB device port and setup the routing to the MIDI out ports (connected 4 synths so far, more to go).

Clock timing is good, all synths I connected follow MIDI clock nicely. I will need to make a few tests to figure out best power-up sequence (Hermod first or MRCC first). I have noticed the Hermod - MRCC over USB combination can take a few seconds to recognize each other, not a big deal and expected when using USB.

Thank you guys, a brilliantly designed product. Especially coming from a good old Roland A-880 .... from the early '80s, this is a huge improvement and well overdue.
DAW-less and going down the Eurorack rabbit hole.

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Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB - by ghavinga - 07-22-2021, 12:44 PM

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