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Recording notes into the pattern editor
(01-08-2023, 05:10 AM)racecube Wrote:
(03-13-2022, 08:01 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: One way is to set the NDLR CTRL channel to be MIDI B CH 16 for instance

NDLR CTRL and KB Trans is only selectable for all ports I guess?

Yes feature wish often discussed here
Yeah I just noticed that myself. In the example I listed though that shouldn't matter. The idea I am suggesting is that you could use the motif 1 part to slowly re-write the notes in the motif 2 pattern by self patching the NDLR. It doesn't matter that the NDLR is listening on all ports, you just have to set Motif 1 to the channel it's listening to on MIDI out A for instance, then pach the cable out of A and back into B. If motif 1 is on channel 15 and that's the NDLR CTRL channel, then by going into the Pattern Editor and selecting the current pattern for Motif 2, Motif 1 notes will overwrite the notes of Motif 2.

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