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Stuck Notes (Linnstrument > NDLR > Deluge)
Is this just a shortcoming of the Deluge midi implementation?

I can control 4 Deluge synth tracks with the NDLR with no issue, but I'm trying to run a Linnstrument through the NDLR to play a 5th synth track and every single note gets stuck. I thought I was running the Deluge a bit ragged, so I tried a blank song on the Deluge and just running a single synth track (no NDLR parts, just playing keys on the Linnstrument through the NDLR) and still every note gets stuck.

I have the 4 NDLR parts on channels 1-4 and the NDLR control and Linnstrument set to Ch 15.

Hoping to get this working a bit better as this seems like the ultimate portable jam rig to me.


I'm on firmware 1.1.020. Maybe that's the issue? I'll update firmware tomorrow and test again.
Let us know if the latest beta helps.
(05-15-2019, 08:10 PM)Darryl Wrote: Let us know if the latest beta helps.

Sorry for the delay. Upgrading to the latest firmware fixed my stuck note problem.

Is there a way to run my Linnstrument through the NDLR without the keyboard transposing? It takes away the cool note sliding the Linnstrument is so good at.
Good news!  Smile

The NDLR will only transpose on the KB Trans channel, configured in Settings menu 1. If you send on any channel not used by The NDLR, it will just pass through.
Lets say you have the NDLR parts configured for channels 1, 2, 3, and 4. And NDLR Cntl at 16 and KB Trans at 15. You can send notes from the Deluge on channels 5 through 14 and it will pass through.
I don't know why that didn't occur to me. Ha.


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