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Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB
(10-08-2021, 06:56 AM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: I borrowed a Pyramid MK2 from a friend (it turns out that was the one he had after all) to see if we could reproduce some of the boot up issues. I took it to the lab thinking we were going to need the USB sniffer, but once we got it plugged in the thing booted right up, in fact we were unable to find a scenario where the Pyramid would cause the MRCC to lock up during the hour that we were trying to get it to happen. I wonder if the issue is inrush current? It seems like a possiblity that one of the devices that is connected is getting under powered at start due to initial inrush current of one of the devices. I wonder if there is a usb delayed start expander that would allow you to leave things plugged in but have them start up in an alternating manner through a short delay? I'll dig around and see what I can find.

Hi Jesse...
Thanks for following up on this one.
Just to clarify - you were able to operate the USB MIDI functionality from Pyramid without fault, regardless of the boot up sequence?
I did go back to double check my own 'process' - and even when only the Pyramid is plugged in to a USB port on MRCC (no other USB devices) it will only 'recognise' the USB functionality if I boot MRCC first, and then insert the USB cable (with the Pyramid power switch in the on position) to a MRCC port. Note that the Pyramid DIN MIDI connections A & B seem fully functional in all scenarios I have tried.
If your tests are not replicating this then it sounds increasingly like this issue may be local to me - hardware or power perhaps, as you mention.
Still, at least I have a workaround!

Thanks again for trying.

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