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Scottish NDLR
NDLR arrived last week and most of my spare time has been taken up decorating a room.  Sad

2x 30mins sessions I have managed to grab had me disappearing down various rabbit holes. Can see I’m just scratching the surface of this wonderful bit of kit. Not sure what I’m doing most of the time but I’m NDL’ing and loving it.  Heart

All good thoughts

Thank you! Glad you have found The NDLR to be useful and hope you find some quality time to get into it. With The NDLR, you don't have to go deep if you don't need to... you can just try different patterns on the motifs, press chord buttons, and jam on your filter knobs! Maybe try some different key and mode. If you get bored with that, then try some simple modulations, like PAD position with a waveform. It sounds really cool on a poly synth with a nice Pad patch.

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