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Problem with midi clock sync with Model:Samples
Hi everyone

First post! Smile Super happy to join the community!

I just finally got the time to play with my NDLR and noticed something weird. I'm running the NDLR as master and sending clock with MIDI OUT A to my Elektron Model Samples just to receive start/stop messages. (all my hardware is also connected via Midi Out A so I know the port works fine).

The start/stop messages are being sent and received, but the tempo on the Model Samples is WAY off... Like quite a few BPMs off Sad Everything works fine, I checked all the settings on the NDLR and the Model Samples and can't figure this one out... The patterns I have on the NDLR are straight forward 16 steps, nothing crazy and nothing to do with different time signatures or pattern lengths messing up with how it all sounds together. It's just not working and that makes me sad.

Am I doing something wrong?
Hi, thanks for reporting your issue on the forums.

When you say the tempo is off, can you describe more about what "off" means? That is, are you running two synths from The NDLR and one is playing out of tempo from the other?

How are your MIDI devices connected to The NDLR? You have a MIDI splitter?

Does Model Samples have some indicator that its receiving clock from The NDLR? The NDLR only sends clock out when that feature is turned on in the boot menu. To enter the Boot menu, plug The NDLR into USB while holding the Shift and Menu buttons. Check the MOT-1: ClkOut 'On' line. If its not On, press the Motif 1 button to change it, it will turn green. Press PANIC button to exit the boot menu.
I have a Model:Samples over here. I'll try to get mine to do this tomorrow morning and let you know what I find out. 

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