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MIDI splitter

   I've read that the NDLR can be used as a MIDI splitter. That is, signal sent into A, comes out of both A + B. Is this true? Not talking about start/stop messages, complete MIDI THRU. I can't figure out how to make this happen. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? Sorry for the general question but I'm going bonkers trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance!

Still no answer from support?
Hey, sorry for the delay, I didn't see the original post come in.
I haven't used this function yet, but from page 29 / 30 of the manual it states:

Miscellaneous MIDI Message Topics
MIDI Thru: All* MIDI NoteOn/Off messages and CC messages are passed through The NDLR on
the channel received on and on the port according to the table below. 
*Exceptions are for messages received on the MIDI Control channel, these messages are NOT
passed through.  Or if received on the MIDI Transpose channel, the notes are transposed and
sent through on the channel received on and on the port according to the table below.

Note: It is assumed that any passed through NoteOn messages will be followed by a matching
NoteOff messages.

MIDI Note & Message Thru Port Mapping

In Port          Out Port(s)
5 Pin A        5 Pin A  &  USB Port(1)
5 Pin B        5 Pin B  &  USB Port(2)
USB Port(1)  5 Pin A  &  USB Port(1)
USB Port(2)  5 Pin B  &  USB Port(2)
USB Port(3)  USB Port(3)
USB Port(4)  USB Port(4)

if you already had this info and it's just not working for you, please let me know as well as telling me more about what your're trying to send and your fw version and I'll see if I can replicate the problem.

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