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Stuck notes in Pad channel

I've noticed that Pad notes occasionally get stuck while changing chords.  In troubleshooting this the Pad range was reduced down to 1 note but oddly the NDLR sends two different Note On messages (which seems like a bug?).  After a chord change it sends a single Note Off message, leaving one note hanging.  
The Panic function doesn't kill it.  Have to power cycle the sound module or temporarily switch to a different patch.  This appears to occur frequently and is fairly repeatable.  Am running the latest FW release.  Like Spread thinks there's more than 1 available note to play...

Had also experienced some other strange behavior with Pad, where by Poly-Chain was set back to 1 but the display would display Pad (+3).  Power cycling doesn't clear this out either.  The only thing that I hadn't done was reset it back to factory default settings...

My apology is this was already posted, hadn't checked recently.
Hey thanks for the heads up endreola, can you give me a list of steps to reproduce this please. I will spend some time bug testing later and if I can reproduce it I'll get this in the queue.
I believe the PAD(+3) label in the menu is a known issue but it doesn't indicate whether or not the pad is set to polychain. We'll probably change that to just say PAD in the future. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks again,
Hey Jesse,

Ok, think I found the issue. There's something screwy going on with several voices on the old TG55 tone generator. It's consistant and repeatable for a specific subset or voices but the issue vanishes on other voices or if Pad is pointing to a different device altogether.
Thanks for the support.

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