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snapshot feature
To skip mambo jumbo go to "here is how this feature looks in manual” a few lines down 

In order to make a single session more responsive for live musicians we could introduce snapshots
As with my previous feature request we could use Motif Knob #5 and it’s 3rd slot with arrow/triangle pointing to the right. 
Also you need a small "real estate on display”; You can shrink the "Pad, Motif ranges" area by 25% thus getting extra real estate 
For this feature you need an extra letter+number into the right top corner (the left corner could be used for my previous feature quick sequencer)  
Create adhesive or sticker that advice that there is one more function on the knob #5 (I can chip in hereSmile)  
The only drawback is that you need 26 values, when compressed you’d still need approx. 15 bytes per one panel snapshot x 3 thus 45 bytes for panel and 6x4 24x2 (the only one you can compress is source only 10 values there and let say 2 modulation snapshots would be enough) 
so snapshot memory will cost  50+45 ~ 100 Bytes per session. Yaaack  

Here is how this feature will look in the NDLR manual 

You can save/recall 3 panel snapshots and 2 modulation snapshots with most of the values. 
The panel snapshots will save all motif1-2 values and all Drone and Pad values (9x2+4+3) 
How to save a snapshot 
1. Dial Snapshot feature by pushing the encoder #5 and setting the triangle pointing right
2. Choose S (Save) in the top right corner  
2. Then hold the button “II” for 3 seconds. All the settings for 4 channels will be saved to snapshot position II
3. You can use button ‘III”, ‘IV’ to save 2 additional snapshots per session 

To recall a panel snapshot:
1. by pushing the encoder #5 get to the snapshot function (triangle pointing to the left)   
2. A letter appears in the right top corner. Choose R for Recall  
3. Click one of the 3 left buttons (‘II’,’III’,’IV’) to recall one of the panel snapshots 

You can also save and recall modulation matrix All sources, destinations, ranges and offsets for modulation slots 3-8. 1-2 are the same for all snapshots within a session.   
The procedure for mod matrix snapshot is similar to saving the panel snapshots but you will use ‘V’,’VI’,’VII’ buttons for this (3 if you have enough memorySmile).


I purposely left the fourth knob values out of the snapshot b/c it is unlikely to change a key (unless you’d do transition) in a middle of a session 
I purposely left 2 first modulations “static" b/c the chances are that you'd NOT be chaining ALL the modulations.
You essentially increasing number of modulations slots using this feature.    

This feature is NOT as easy to program as the "quick sequence” feature (my previous post). When you change a lot of parameters at the same time you'd need some order at which these changes are sequenced applied so no MIDI panic is needed after applying snapshot (Especially modulation snapshot). But I guess you’ve done this work with recalling sessions right ? 

Yes no more memory left in the unit ... yeah I got that, but again I'd sacrifice a few chord patterns for 2-3 snapshots.  
And this is NOT "shooting in dark feature request". I spent with NDLR closed to 60 hours. (Count that hours not spent with my kidsSmile

And Darryl, you can take this to the next level by altering some of this description to fit into your schedule, 
especially the memory issue.  I hope you will keep improving this. 

The future for NDLR is bright... I will hook the NDLR soon to my modular via some "MIDI to CV" interface, just give me note length humanization into next release.  
Looking forward to hearing what you do with the modular!

Interesting idea, but having trouble understanding the difference between snapshots and the presets we already have. The presets save pretty much everything, including modulation and play button states. You could make 8 different ones for a performance and switch between them. Of course you only have to save what you want to change. So if you just want to change the Mod matrix, save the first preset slot to the 2nd after changing the mod matrix. Do them in numeric order and you get an intuitive use for live performance. That was our intention.

Is the primary difference that you can save and recall them from the front panel without entering the menu? An option would be to use an external controller, we have recently added MIDI program change support (it is in the .014 beta). Send MIDI program change message (0-8) to the NDLR control channel to change presets.

Snapshot solves a few issues and/or makes the NDLR more user friendly device. 
Assumption: I call "global setting" as session" here 


Here we go: 

1. Snapshots helps with a compartmentation of a session
I have one session (song) with a few snapshots: Bridge, Chorus and Verse  

2. Not enough slots: With the current capability saving 8 sessions,  allows only 3 “songs”..with each having 2  parts or modulation settings.   

3. Easier access
My approach involves two steps:
a) encoder push
b) black button push
so two actions required (Assuming you’re in the R mode for snapshots (arrow pointing sideways) which when you perform you will)
Current approach:  
a) click Menu button
b) click the 8th encoder
c) pick a session (rotate #1 encoder)
d) shift + 5th encoder push to load session  

4.  Two snapshot types provides Variety;   2-3 choices of modulation setting over 2-3 choices of panel setting
This way I can have “nuances/timbres" of "modulation snapshots"  for Bridge, Verse or Chorus “panel snapshots” thus allowing 9 combination

5. Utilizing another session slot with only 1/4-1/3 partial parameter changes ? ;  
Having a slightly altered session to save to another session slot is a long discussion but since you’re also coding this (so you wear the "coding hat” Smile)  I can use “a coder analogy" here. Smile Your suggestion to copy to another session is the same as when coder does copy and paste code. All good in short run but then,....  Your first version will not get the refresh/changes made to second session.  Oh... so then we copy the new over to the old one, hmmm... see where is this going ?  (BTW I have a lot of groove boxes where I can save sequences to another slot but I don’t do that. Just for this purpose: parts of my newer version (second session) are better and NEEDS to be MERGED with original (first session)  

The snapshot only takes panel/modulation parameters which is 1/3 of all data in a session for panel OR modulation settings  
Again if memory of NDLR is the issue you don’t have to give us 3+3.  2+2 is much better than 8 sessions Smile
What do you think
Ok, I'm getting it now :-) It makes sense.

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