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An all Ndlr track. Casio VZ10m (main wobbly melodic bits), Access Virus, Novation Bass Station and Roland JV1080.
Well, certainly seems like you were able to get your VZ10M to make more useful sounds than I ever did. Good job. Listening to "Smoke Out" now and really liking it.
VZ10m - the bad old days of synthesiser interface design. I chose to put myself through the pain and got the module a couple of years ago, it's no worse than a DX7 to programĀ and I particularly like the mallet and bell type sounds. I'm hoping the Korg OpSix will introduce better interactivity to fm programming Undecided
That was some sweet sounds Tim.
I thought the programming interface of the VZ10m was MUCH better than the DX7. During that time period, Casio was the king of custom LCD displays. That's why I bought the VZ10m, well, the display and the excellent manual. My biggest gripe was all the noise on the output. Yes, its metallic clangy sounds were best. But, not to detract from your tune here, which is great.

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