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Stop Start Continue Sets Motif 1 Vel. to Zero + Screen Refresh Issue
As per the title ...  Motif 1 Velocity settings in Settings 2/3 are reset to 0  with a stop command...  when you are externally clocking the Ndlr.  You won't hear that part unless you increase the Morif 1 Vel Value  OR switch the Motif 1 Accent to Rhy.  Velocity (works here because the note velocities come from the Rhythm velocities NOT the Motif Note Velocity setting).  It resets to zero every time you send a stop when externally clock. You can see this on the menu if you happen to have the menu settings open to page 2/3. 

This explains why some people are reporting that Motif 1 is disappearing and won't play. Motif 2 behaves properly as does Pad Velocity (no resets to zero velocity on stop when externally clocked). 

Screen Redraw Issue: When sending a CC to a menu item on a page that you have not selected on the NDLR puts in temporary values on the Menu screen that happens to be showing.  These values are not related to the page or menu item where they appear.  You can force a refresh by navigating away from the screen and navigating back to it which shows the correct values once again.  For example enter Humanzie Values via CC but be looking on Menu Settings page 1 or 3 will show values updating on those pages... navigate away and come back and proper values are shown... hopefully this makes sense... this behaviour generalizes across all menu settings when setting via CC and having NDLR on different menu screen - temporary artifacts.


CC issues previously reported please see previous thread regading  Port and Channel Assignments

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