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TouchOSC Control - Midi CCs to Controls LFOs?
I have started to make a TouchOSC template to control the ndlr. TouchOSC is a powerful tool for creating custom control templates for midi gear ... somewhat like the Lemur but you use your IOS or Android device.  When it is completed I'll post it here.  YOu would just need the TouchOSC app which is under $10.00 last time I checked. I've made a lot of control templates for my studio gear.  

Question: Midi Control (beside what is in listed in the manual,  what else can be controlled?) 

1.   Are the Modulation  / LFO parameters  (where you select the LFOs sources and destinations and associated parameters) available for external midi control (Midi CCs or Note values or Sysex strings)? 
2.   Is the Chord Sequencer controllable via midi control (meaning selecting the Load and Save , Duration, Sections, Song Structure etc) - Midi CCs or Note Values or Sysex strings? 

The photos below is from my control template for the Plugiattor Synth just to give you an example of what is possible. 

If you set it up properly with your hardware you can get full parameter feedback so that it updates in real time giving you give two way control and feedback... It is just a control device it isn't a sequencer.  With some thoughtful design you can give the the gear some additional functionality such as assigning xy pads to variables so you could sweep say the pad position and range. It can't do magic... the midi specification for the unit you want to control has to be available. 

Trying to post a photo for clarity but the forum isn't allowing it.
This seems very interesting. Keep us in the loop, please!
Nothing else for MIDI control besides what's in the manual. However, there is a serial interface which could be used to create a library manager.

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