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NDLR not recieving midi clock from FORCE
I have experience with midi and syncing hardware, and I tried all the logical settings, but my NDLR doesn't recognize the midi clock from akai Force.
MPC force midi clock out-----} NDLR midi din input B , clock external.

I tried usb ndlr clock out, but doubles the timing on the force.
I can't think of any reason The NDLR wouldn't recognize a MIDI clock, unless it has a weird PPQ.

The double clock rate on the Force indicates that there are two clock sources.
24 ppq.

Also, when trying to sync from Ndlr to Force via usb, I just send the clock, I don't send anything else, and i don't have more clocks coming to Force.

I cannot use NDLR right now.

and i think it's more than the xdoublde speed.
Does the Force have a USB host port that you are connecting the NDLR to? If so, then it might see clock on more than one of the NDLRs virtual USB MIDI ports. Can you select which port to receive clock on in the Force setup?
No, I can't select at which port Force recieve midi clock, it's global. I have the Ndlr conneceted directly to the usb Force usb inputs.

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