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Strange behaviour on MOTIF1 in combination with DELUGE
(My NDLR is connected MIDI IN B to Deluge MIDI OUT, NDLR MIDI OUT A to Deluge MIDI IN
 MOTIF 1 "CLK OUT on boot screen is switched OFF
 NDLR has external SYNC by Deluge)

When I turn the Position (knob top right) from MOTIF1 down to lower values the mystery starts: The Deluge speeds up in tempo throughout till max or - in other cases it slows down which can be "controlled" by not turning the Position knob too far to the left.
In other situations deluge startet recording what was also caused by the NDLR
There seems to be a correlation with higher Patt Length (also top right) but I am not sure yet.
I have got to make some MIDI OX logs sometime, but at the time I´ve got no MIDI interface for PC.

By the way: Factory reset did not help.

I really like the NDLR but this issue prevents excessive ndling at the moment.

I will keep on exploring
Interesting... NDLR does not send any CCs when turning the Position knob. Can't imagine what else would cause that.
Problem solved: I had programmed some MIDI remote commands (Play/Rec/Layer and so on) on some MIDI notes with lower values in the DELUGE Setup. After deleting all works fine!

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