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Love my NDLR! But chord buttons II and VI not working when un-shifted
I use this powerful little arpeggio magic box every day!  But just today I noticed that chord buttons II and VI no longer change the chord.

They do work when I shift-click them, so this feels like a software issue.

I'll be honest and say everything felt peachy until the recent update. Since then I have had notes sticking, heard clicking in some of the loops, and now this button issue. Before the recent firmware update I NEVER had a stuck note and never needed to use the panic button. Now I use it regularly. 

Please help!

Hmmm, that's a new one on me. I don't really know what to suggest other than a Factory Reset. If you started from an early version of the firmware, there were some changes to the storage data structure that could cause some issues. Now I'm regretting not informing people of that when suggesting to do an update. I'll update the download page to reflect this. Sorry about that.

To do a Factory Reset, unplug The NDLR from USB.
Hold the Shift and Menu buttons while plugging in USB.
Press the PAD button to reset. This will set everything to out of box condition.
Press the Motif 1/2/PANIC button to exit.
All fixed! That's some great support right there!! Thanks Darryl! (I'll keep an eye on the note sticking but so far so good)

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