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Syncing motifs / muting and unmuting via external MIDI
In my first week of playing with the NDLR, I didn’t realized that the motifs are paused and started, not muted and unmuted. While this is interesting, I’m trying to figuring out the best way to “mute” and “unmute” my four parts while keeping everything in synch if desired when sequencing the NDLR from an external piece of gear - my Cirklon in this case. 

I could map out each of the four parts via CC’s and pause/unpause them, or I could map a CC for the global start/stop which puts everything in sync. Are those my only options? Is there a better way or workaround? Is there any way to “mute” parts and keep the motifs in sync? [I have thought about using CC’s to control the master volume of the 4 synths I have the NDLR connected to]
I've been battling with the same issue this morning. Glad I read your post, because it cleared a log jam in my brain on how to deal with this. My plan now is to use the Start All button to have all parts in sync, and use external MIDI processors individually per channel to enable/disable the stream of data to the synths. Thanks! This should work nicely to get the results that were eluding me earlier.

I'm stoked, gotta go try this now.
I just tried it out, works great. It would be nice if the NDLR could do this by itself, instead of relying on external hardware to help out.
I typically use the volume knobs or mixer to do that. Its much more pleasant than the sudden halt by note offs.
Agreed, the volume knob technique is appropriate for most situations. Can't speak for Bigsniff, but in my case I was going for a bit more complex pattern generation. My goal was to have the two motifs merged into a single complex arpeggiator. Specifically, I wanted Motif 1 to be a stable core, or base, of the arpeggiation, with Motif 2 adding dynamic frills. Thus, the rhythmic pattern of each had to compliment the other in a synchronized fashion. When Motif 1 was at a rest, Motif 2 could sound. I wanted to start with the base Motif 1 solo to set the theme, then add the frills of Motif 2, which could have position modulation to supply a bit of movement on top of a stationary base. This was all to be sent to a monophonic synth to sound this composit evolving arpeggio.

But, with the stop/continue control of the Motifs, it was impossible to do this, as their synchronization could never be controlled. Plus, the volume knob trick is a non-starter as well. The only solution is a mute switch to interrupt the data flow as needed. Start All had to be used to keep the Motifs in synch with each other from the get-go, plus I didn't want to start with all parts sounding. The mute switches worked well for this scenario. Something in Bigsniff's post made a lightbulb go off in my head to be able to accomplish my goal.

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