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Encoder issue and a suggestion for bigger chords

I received my NDLR and, while I've been having a blast my Matriarch and soft-stuffs with it, however: Value changes via knob movements are very inconsistent in that it can be very hard to dial in specific values with the way the knobs pick up movements/changes.  A couple examples when dialing in settings in the mod matrix:

* For any given slot when changing the source, destination, or destination value it can take two or three clicks of the given knob before the value changes.

* When making changes to mod amount it can be difficult to get it to land a value change of +1/-1 as it seems it will often register it between knob "click" spots such that when letting go of the knob it slides either way into the "click" spot and thus either doesn't change the value or ends up with a +2 or -2 change.

With clicky encoders like this a single click should equal a single value change vs. nothing or +2/-2 as described above.  What's the point of the clicky encoders otherwise?

If any of the above described behavior is not expected let me know.  I'm in Portland and would be down to bring it to you wherever you're located to have a look at it.

Now for a suggestion:

* Working in the ability to build out extended chords beyond 7ths would be awesome, especially for the pad mode.  Maybe a Pad Editor and/or more chord types available in the Chord Sequence Editor?  That'd really add to the unit's utility as a theory-driven composition device.
As mentioned in other threads of the same topic, give the beta firmware a try. Steve has adjusted the scaling of values so they are working better on the detented encoders.
Awesome! I actually installed it just after making this post to get the Motif I & II MIDI Start functionality working. The knob changes are much better now, although it can still sometimes take a couple clicks to get some values changing.
Good deal. Without completely re-writing the encoder code, and making it specific to the detented encoders on the newer NDLRs, I doubt we'll ever get it 1:1 in all cases. We'll keep tweaking it to get it as close as we can.

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