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is this a behavior ok ?
Since I’m having trouble to control Chord type/degree from external Keyboard with newest firmware I came with alternate cool method for NDLR to play two chords automatically: 

1. Pick a mod slot and set it to 8 or 16 bars Square 
2. Set destination to the chord degree
3. Set the range to go between 1-IV (0-2 or C<->F in C major) 
4. Set the drone trigger to be chord based type (follows the chord degree) and activated on the first 1/4 note)  
5. turn on PAD,DROne and perhaps one Motif
6. The chord degree changes every 4/8 bars and Motif and Pad play nice changing degree

BUT!t The Drone is delayed by half of bar with the chord note change
Bug or desired behavior or I don’t know what I’m doing 

The desired behavior is that all 4 parts change the chord degree at the same time


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