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Synth Pasta
Synth Pasta. NDLR. Get it?

NDLR is connected via 5-pin to:
  • microKORG (pad)
  • Mother-32 (drone)
  • Minilogue (motif 1)
  • Reface CP (motif 2)
I started the track with The NDLR (plus rhythm machines) and then added drums, handpan, and guitars. (I don't really play guitar.)

The NDLR workflow is nice. The buttons and knobs took some getting used to. And I'm worried about their durability (after playing with it for a couple of hours). Nothing has broken. But it seemed that not every button-press registered and not every knob-turn changed a parameter. I wonder whether this experience is common.
Great jam, very nice mix of synths and instruments!

The encoder not changing a parameter on every click is essentially by design. The original batch of NDLRs used smooth turning encoders, and the new ones have detented encoders. So the code has to work with both. Steve has been tweaking the scaling for each of the settings screens and it should be a lot better with the latest beta FW release. If your unit doesn't already come with version 1.1.063 give it a try.

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