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Motif position error on load
(1.1.063 firmware)

I have been experimenting with creating my own motifs and I noticed that there are usually anomalies in the initial position when I load them. What I mean is, if I start the motif playing, the pitch doesn't match the location of the corresponding Position icon at the top of the screen. For example, the Position icon may be over to the right but the pitch is low. The behaviour of the Position knob and icon are otherwise as expected but the range is constrained and there only seem to be 10 distinct positions of the icon instead of 20.

I found this issue with standard patterns too. To reproduce it try the following:

(1) From menu page 3, load config 0.
(2) Set the MIDI port for Motif-1 appropriately (for me, it's USB1).

Motif-1 will already have Pattern 1 loaded. The position icon is out to the right. Rotating the Position knob moves the position icon in large steps, of which there are only 10 positions from full left to full right. You can't select higher pitches. Instrumentation shows the notes played by this stock pattern will range from C1 (full left) to G6 (full right).

The following action fixes it:

(3) Press SHIFT+MENU to enter the Pattern editor.
(4) Immediately press MENU to exit the Pattern editor.

The Position icon and knob now work correctly, with 20 distinct positions selectable. Depending on what you did to the Position knob before entering the Pattern editor, the Position icon may have moved, but it now correctly reflects the selected pitch. Instrumentation shows the range of notes available is now C1 to G8. It seems you have to enter the pattern editor separately for each of Motif-1 and motif-2 to fix it for both patterns.

I hope this makes sense.

There are also other anomalies, which are harder to demonstrate because they involve my custom patterns. I have been playing with creating Scale and Chromatic patterns. When I load one of these I get the issue described above. I fix it by entering and exiting the Pattern editor as before.


When I subsequently select another pattern (e.g. standard Pattern1) the Position knob and icon show anomalous behaviour in a different way. In the particular examples I have been playing with, the pitch tops out when the Position icon is only half-way across the screen. If I move it all the way to the right the pitch stays topped out. If I then enter and exit the Pattern editor, the Position icon is initially missing. If I rotate the knob anti-clockwise, it reappears and the knob, icon and pitch now work as expected.

My initial observation is that this behaviour doesn't happen with a Chord type custom pattern, although I haven't done any rigorous experiments.

[Image: gGzCVFp.jpg]
Thanks for the report, we'll take a look at it. Steve thinks there is an initial scaling (its actually 11 positions) when the NDLR starts up, but then there are different increments for the 3 motif pattern note types. So the fix will be when loading the pattern, it needs to look at the pattern note type to set the correct scaling of the motif position. This would also correct the placement of the motif position indicated so it didn't start in the wrong place. In the meantime, you've come up with a good workaround.

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