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Chord sequencer feedback
Hi Guys,

I managed to get some time this weekend to have a good play with the NDLR and have been having lots of fun.
In particular I got to put the Chord sequencer though it's paces. I hit a couple of issues that I'm hoping you can help with:

1. There doesn't seem to be a way to reset the chord sequence back to start. For example, if I have only the Pad part playing a chord sequence, then stop the Pad part before the chord sequence has completed, any attempt to restart the Pad part will resume from the point in the chord sequence that it was stopped. This behaviour is problematic if you want to restart your song from the beginning. Is there currently a way to reset the chord sequence back to the start? 

2. The Chord sequence seems to loop indefinitely.  For example, if I have configured a song to have one section (e.g. A:1) the NDLR will continually repeat this section until the user explicitly stops playback of all parts. It would be really nice if there was a way to specify that song playback should stop when the chord sequence has reached it's end (rather than looping). 

Hopefully this feedback is helpful. Thanks once again for building this fantastic tool.
Hi Steve or Darryl,

Could you confirm if there are firmware changes in the pipeline for the Chord sequencer? As it feels that the requirements identified in this post are pretty essential features.

Thanks for the feedback. We are hearing similar feedback from others.

I agree that the start, stop, and reset of the Chord seq is a bit convoluted. Unfortunately the Chord Seq was the last major feature to implement and we simply ran out of buttons! :-( But I have been thinking about how to make it easier.

Also we were thinking about using the last slot in the Song section as a repeat value for the whole song not just a section. You'll loose a section repeat slot: from 8 down to 7 slots, but it might be worth it. The range would be 0 to 8 + continues loop.

Your thoughts?


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