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Encoder behaviour is imprecise
Hello all.

Just got my NDLR today, have printed the manual and had an introductory fiddle hooked up to my iPad. My absolute first impression is disappointment with how the encoders behave. I see it mentioned elsewhere here, but basically the values skip or lag unpredictably on most (all?) encoder functions. Taking as a simple example selecting the MIDI channel for any given output in the settings page, I would expect a single click of the encoder to reliably change the value up or down by one step. It doesn't - sometimes it's one, sometimes two, sometimes none. Same behaviour on every function I have tried so far.

Flight simmers will be reminded of the dreaded Saitek radio panels  Sad

[Image: gGzCVFp.jpg]
Yes, its a known issue and on our list to improve. We switched from smooth turning encoders to detented encoders on the new batch, and the scaling isn't quite right. The scaling is different for every parameter, so it takes some tweaking to get it dialed in.

There's a small dead spot so you can turn the knob a little in order change the subscreen context without changing the parameter. This might feel like lag, but its intentional. Otherwise, you would turn the knob and change the parameter before seeing what the current setting is. Good thing its not used for dog fights!  Angel

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