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Hi ,
can you implement something like a srceensaver for the OLED ? Something like :

if for 10 sec no input has been done on knobs or encoders reduce the brilliance and after 60 sec turn of the display and maybe have settings for these 2 stages .

Advantage  longer live for the OLED and reducing the burn-in off ghosting.

br Thorsten
The 2 stage screensaver sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to look into it because I can’t recall if we have control over the brightness of the LED screen back lights (tied to a GPIO), or if we tied it directly to a high voltage level. 
happy x-mas , and I wanted to bring up again this topic.
hi, new (very happy) user here and i'd like to nominate this feature as well; leaving my ndlr on all the time gives me screen-burn-in anxiety Smile
Its a TFT display, I don't think it will burn. I leave them on all the time too, but sometimes I'll leave it on the pattern or rhythm editor screens just to have something different there. I think I've got a transistor in there for the screen backlight (did this thing a couple years ago and already forgetting). I'll remind Steve to take a look at it.
I'd love to bump this thread. Did you guys ever figure out if you could shut the screen off? If you can't actually cut power to it, can you still blank it, preventing uneven burn-in?

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