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Use with Modular (Eurorack)
Hello there,

I am new to the forum and the NDLR
I have just ordered my NDLR and want to use it with modular gear. Just looking at building my first Eurorack.
I saw in a YT video the NDLR working really well with a Moog Mother 32.
I was just curious as how (if possible) the NDLR would work with modular gear .... specifically does it need to be connected to a sequencer?
and  or what modules will perform well with the NDLR(maybe digital oscillators/filters?) and some of its more complex operations such as LFO manipulation?
Which particular MIDI to CV converter modules are needed or work best and can transmit complex NDLR MIDI info?
Love to know how anyone with Eurorack is implementing NDLR in their current set up for ideas too
Really looking forward to any feedback/info....also links to info or YT videos would be great/helpful.



Would Yarns from MI be the perfect answer to MIDI CV for the NDLR?

Specs:Yarns is a MIDI interface offering up to 4 channels of CV/Gate conversion, and providing some of the MIDI message mangling features of Mutable Instruments' MIDIpal, including arpeggiator, euclidean sequencer, and a SH-101 inspired step sequencer.

Yarns provides 4 CV outputs and 4 Gate/trigger outputs, which can be assigned to up to 4 voices. In single voice mode, note, velocity, modulation and aftertouch (or other CC) CV are produced, along with a gate, a trigger, and a clock/reset output. In two voices mode, two channel of note, modulation or aftertouch CV are produced, along with two gates, and clock/reset outputs. Finally, in four voices mode, four pairs of CV/Gate outputs are provided.

The 2 and 4-voice modes are available both in a "polyphonic" and "multitimbral" flavour. The former receives chords from one single MIDI channel and dispatches them to the voices; while the later provides independent monophonic parts - which can be addressed to different MIDI channels, keyboard ranges, or even velocity levels. Various note priority modes (low, high, last) and polyphonic allocation schemes (voice-stealing, random, cyclic) allows you to fine-tune the CV/Gate conversion to your playing style. Each voice has a built-in digital LFO to interpret modulation wheel messages as a vibrato; can respond to pitch-bend messages; or can be smoothed with a glide/portamento control - no need for a dedicated module and patches to get the right response from a MIDI keyboard!

Each part can generate sequences either through an arpeggiator/euclidean sequencer combo; or with a SH-101 style sequencer with step-by-step recording, storing up to 64 notes. The module can sync to an external MIDI clock, and generate a clock/reset output at any subdivisions of the MIDI clock.

Other unique features include support for microtunings (either through standard MIDI message or from a selection of historical tunings or indian ragas), just intonation, and an "audio" mode which can transform one, two, or four of the CV outputs into simple digital oscillators.

Inputs/outputs and controls
2-characters 14 segments display for parameter editing.
Clickable encoder.
Sequencer Record/Start-Stop/Tap tempo buttons.
4 CV outputs.
4 Gate/trigger outputs.
Technical characteristics
8kHz CV refresh rate, 48kHz refresh rate in audio mode.
High-end 16-bit DAC and voltage references.
12-points digital compensation curve to compensate for DAC non-linearities, and provide a much greater accuracy than the typical OFFSET/SCALE trimpots. A thorough factory calibration procedure makes Yarns extremely accurate.
Cortex-M3 ARM processor guaranteeing blazingly fast response to MIDI messages, even with a full stack of arpeggiators and sequencers running.
Open-source hardware and firmware.
Firmware updates through MIDI.

60 mA +12V
2 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
20 mm deep
Anyone tried/tested Yarns with NDLR. I’m having issues with my Doepfer A190-4 not receiving MIDI from the NDLR.

Additionally there is no gate sent from the NDLR so any MIDI-CV converter for modular integration would only send a note value and change for conversion to CV voltage

I have a 61pixels CVOCD that I can test out tomorrow to see if that plays nice with the NDLR. The device is a small desktop unit but the Hexinverter Mutant Brain is an in the rack implementation of it for around $150 I think. Also like the Yarns it has 4 CV outs but has I think 12 trigger/gate/clock outs that can be configured through a web browser. I'll set it up and let you know how it goes tomorrow.
So yeah, turns out it's pretty easy to set up the CV.OCD to play nice with the NDLR:
1. First thing I had to do was set clock out enable in the global menu (by pressing [SHIFT + MENU] while booting up, then toggling the selection with the Motif1 button and exiting the menu by pressing the Panic/motif1/2 button).
2. I also had to set the midi start stop to all, as well as setting the midi channels to the correct channels for the CVOCD setup (motifs on 1 and 2, drone on 3).
3. I set up 2 cv gate pairs for the motifs and 2 for the Drone, then used the "clock and run" option (in the CVOCD setup app) for the main clock out into my sequencer, which stops sending clock when you stop the last part on the NDLR and starts again as soon as one of the parts starts, then one out for the reset into my sequencer.
4. The rest of the gate outs are configured as assorted clock divisions.

Here's a quick little video of me messing around with this setup:

The best part is when my dog Groot decides to start barking at the FedEx dude towards the end.

Also this is my first exploration of the Chord Sequencer, which is awesome as it turns out!

If anyone is interested I can post the CVOCD sysex I'm using here, although its' pretty dead simple to set up on their web app. It does require a separate program to send the sysex once you download it, I used MIDIOX which is the gold standard of free midi utility software, but takes a minute to get used to. If anyone needs help with it I can probably post a walkthrough for that as well. Just say the word.


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