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Dreadbox Hypnosis teaser
SynthWave themed!

Man, I'm looking forward this thing! Although, now that the Erebus V3 is out, it's a tough decision. Not sure I want to give ALL my money to Dreadbox.
Yep, Erebus V3 looks pretty great!
No. No. No. not for me. Ugly as a crockadilla-moose-pig. Don’t care how it sounds. Nor the Moog Grandmother. Fugly.
I have to agree with Telegraph_Hill...unfortunately Dreadbox's casing designs are almost always dreadful. It's hard to be inspired by something when you don't want to touch it because it's so in point- Erebus 3.
Polarizing UI design is always a risk when doing something "period" themed, like the 80's styled Hypnosis, but I bet it speaks to the SynthWave crowd which must be their audience for this device. I find the other Dreadbox designs to be very clear and functional.

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