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We did it!
Big Grin 
Thanks to our contributors on Kickstarter, the MRCC will be a reality! What a great vote of confidence to have it fund in only 7 days! We are humbled by the generous support and and encouragement. Thanks everyone!

Now that the Kickstarter campaign has ended, we are looking at options to continue taking orders. Perhaps we'll do like we did with The NDLR and put MRCC on Indiegogo? 

Darryl and Steve
hey take my congratulations !!
(11-05-2019, 03:53 AM)GodInyou Wrote: hey take my congratulations !

Thank you!
Yes, please do a second crowdfunding! 
I just found the MRCC on Sonic State, a bit too late ... it would solve so many problems for me!
Yes, i'd love to support a second crowdfunding as well!!!
Yes please, second round on indiegogo
Really appreciate the interest in MRCC! We'll get to it eventually. We are just really busy working on developing MRCC and need to reach some milestones before spending time firing up Indiegogo. Hopefully before end of year.
HI Darryl,

I also am late to the train, so really would appreciate a Indigogo sales page.

Hope you will find some time in this new year .. (still plenty of days left ;-) ).

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