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customize what types of patterns

i recently have returned to the ndlr world... forgot how fun and awesome this little thing is. I know that new features seem to be really hard to fit on the memory or that is what i've read a lot but i was thinking that it would be super cool if we could pick for the 4 slots, which type of arp is set. By default its motif 1, 2, drone, and pad. I think it would be super cool just to have the ability to have 4 x motif 1's or 2 x motif1 and 2x motif2 or maybe 3x motif1 and 1x pad. 

anyway keep the NDLR alive and kicking!

thanks JA
Thanks for the suggestion Jessi, this is something that occurred to us as well recently. I don't know if it's going to be something we get too soon, but we're discussing how to get there. It wouldn't surprise me if we saw this down the road.

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