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Switch mapping via MIDI
Hi there,

I have a Novation LaunchKey MIDI controller. The keyboard sends note on/off via MIDI channel 1, and the drum pads send via channel 10. I want to tell the MRCC to listen to the channel 10 notes, filter them out, but use them to direct the Channel 1 notes to different destination ports.

This way I could just tap a pad on the Novation and it would send to a different synth immediately, and easily.

Is there some way to configure the big MRCC to do this? Any alternative ideas?

At this point there isn't a way to use note input to change routings, but PC messages can load presets when sent to the assigned MRCC Ctrl Port (you can select an incoming port in the settings). Not sure if it's a reliable way to do this on the fly, as it requires some time to load a preset, but it's plenty fast for in between songs etc.

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