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Strange issue with prophet5 desktop
Hi I have a strange issue with prophet 5 desktop where some notes hang while playing.

The strange part is that I own both MRCC 880 and the MRCC (big version) and it is only a problem on the small 880.  I've tried simple configuration with just my yamaha YC88 connected to 1 midi in and the prophet 5 desktop connected to 1 midi out.  Everything is fine with the big mrcc but the small 880 will have notes that hang.  If take the midi cable to the 1 in and plug it into the prophet 5 (direct from yc88 out to prophet5 in) there is no problem. There is only an issue if the MRCC 880 is in between.

It isn't the yc88 that is continually sending or holding the note and I have tried other controllers using pro3 instead of yc88 and it has the same issue.  I think it is an issue specifically with the prophet 5 but I can't figure out what or why it works completely fine direct or with the big MRCC but is a problem with small MRCC 880.

Any ideas about what to try to figure out what is going on? I have good troubleshooting skills from 40 years of programming and I'm willing to try anything. Thanks!
Hey, can you please send me an email at and we can try and set up a video chat to sort things out?
Thank you,
I have the same issue as well with my prophet 10 rev4. It works fine with my Waldorf M, but the prophet along with Dreadbox Nymphes behave rather oddly similar to the above description. I received a replacement MRCC 880 though the issue continues with the replacement. Any new info on what that might be about?

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