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Is the MRCC ideal for those who use DAW as main controller?
I just got this and it's pretty easy to figure out hardware connections with an external keyboard sequencer, but I mainly use my DAW to control my hardware and that's been harder for me to figure out. PC -> MIDI DIN out connections works fine, but can I also use my PC to control the devices connected via USB? And what if I want to use a MIDI editor like MIDI Quest? MIDI Quest doesn't seem to be able to extract patches from synths connected either by USB or DIN IN/OUT. 

And unfortunately NONE of the videos cover what I assume would be this huge use case.
You sure can integrate devices with USB connections, although some play better than others in terms of being compliant.  There's a list going on here and the main site noting which ones work and which don't.  Just make sure to select the second button of the pair for sending to a synth, after selecting the source.

On the other question, I haven't played with MIDI Quest, but have run across the situation with some editing programs that they don't see the MRCC as an interface.  For me, that meant using the MIDI ports on an audio interface to connect between the utility program and a synth.  To keep from having to reconnect cables repeatedly, I did find that running a MIDI pair from the interface to an in / out pair on the MRCC then allows routing to the target device, which is much more convenient.  It's not that the MRCC won't pass the data, just that it's a router and has to be downstream to a recognized interface, at least that's what worked for me on occasion.  Others may have different experiences.
The USB host ports are only visible to the MRCC as USB, so the only connections to the Computer from those ports is MIDI signal. If you need to use USB connection to communicate with an editor or something like that, it wouldn't work unless that communication is done via direct MIDI data. If the editor is using Sysex Dumps it may be an issue with packet size and or delay settings between packets. I'm happy to work with you to see if we can track that down, but I'll have you email me at and do it in that space as it's much easier for me to keep track of things there.

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